Facebook’s new form flags let we proudly broadcast your nation of origin

February 24, 2017 - photo frame

Facebook has combined scarcely 200 flags to a Profile Frames feature, vouchsafing users now insert a pitch of inhabitant temperament to a dilemma of their form pictures. Profile Frames came out in 2015 as a approach to let users around a universe oath devotion to their favorite sports team, and in Dec of final year Facebook started permitting anyone to pattern and contention their possess print frames. The further of central dwindle frames was first reported by TechCrunch progressing today.

While this might seem like a friendly gesticulate of good faith, there is a deeper approach to review a introduction of print support flags. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg final week published a 5,800-word open letter that reframed a company’s goal in distant some-more showy terms. In short, Zuckerberg concurred a shortcoming of a amicable network as vast and absolute as Facebook in assisting minister to a building of county rendezvous and “a tellurian village that works for all of us.”

So on a aspect it seems rather bizarre that, following a commercial that Facebook is a new kind of digital republic state that can comparison all boundaries, a association would like we to proudly broadcast your nation of origin. But, like a many other ways Facebook lets we emanate and qualification your possess online identity, this underline seems reduction about pledging yourself to a real-world supervision and some-more about fostering a clarity of tellurian belonging.

After all, Zuckerberg is not perplexing to destroy a foundations of complicated polite life — Facebook operates really most within a proportions of a existent mercantile and domestic landscape. But a association would really most like we to consider of a amicable network as a second state, one where a dwindle of your nation can co-exist with your holistic online temperament in equal measure.

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