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December 19, 2014 - photo frame

Today Facebook is releasing a new app called “Stickered” For Messenger that lets we collect a photo, resize and pulp a Facebook Sticker on top, and send it to friends. “Stickers and photos are dual of a many renouned ways that people demonstrate themselves on Messenger. This is a fun examination to see how people mix a two” a association tells me. Built by Facebook’s Creative Labs mobile pattern studio, it’s a initial messenger app for Messenger.

Stickered For Messenger is now accessible on Android and is coming to iOS soon. It comes out alongside a large speed boost and new charcterised sending/sent/delivered/read profits on Messenger.


Facebook is also dabbling with Snapchat-style frames we can conceal on your photos. On New Year’s Eve, a selfie camera in Messenger will let we supplement a New Year’s-themed support over your photo, identical to what we competence get out of a earthy print counter machine. Snapchat expelled a “filters” that conceal graphics or a name of a place you’re in July, and they’ve proven popular. Facebook has cribbed features and designs from Snapchat before, so it’s not too large of a warn to see it formulation a filter/frame examination in Messenger.

Additional updates rolling out currently on Messenger embody holiday plaque packs seen next and an animation that turns Chat Heads on Android into small sleet globes.


Stickers For MessengerWith Stickered for Messenger [Correction: not “Stickers”] we initial daub a camera symbol to snap or name one of your photos. You can afterwards select from hundreds of Facebook Stickers, pierce them around, lean and resize them, and afterwards repair them to your photo. Hitting a Messenger idol afterwards sends fast-switches we over to a Messenger app where we can select that friends to send your small origination to.

Drawing on photos became renouned over a final few years interjection to Snapchat. Facebook jumped on trend in Jun with a recover of fleeting print pity app Slingshot, and afterwards in Sep combined overlaid content and drawing to photos in Messenger For Android.

Facebook tells me a thought for a app spawned from a blurb and billboard ad debate Facebook ran in Los Angeles compelling Messenger with people interacting with Stickers in genuine life. That got Facebook meditative harder about a fun people could have with overlays.

Stickered isn’t perplexing to make income directly, during slightest not yet. But if it can expostulate lock-in for Messenger in a intensely rival discuss space, it competence lead people to use Facebook some-more as a whole, including a News Feed where a amicable network shows ads.

While some humans have a approach with words, other cite images to get their indicate across. Tools like Stickered could give Messenger an corner in a discuss app wars, while creation a biggest competitor, SMS, demeanour even some-more ancient.

Get Stickered For Messenger on Android


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