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February 22, 2017 - photo frame

Sasha Pivovarova‘s wide-eyed, tranquil face is internationally recognizable, interjection to her visit appearances in ad campaigns for Prada and more, as good unchanging repository covers. But off-camera, a Russian supermodel has been operative on her career as an artist, illustrating books for both Karl Lagerfeld and Miuccia Prada, and exhibiting her work in Paris and New York. Most recently, she’s lent her artistic talents to much-beloved denim code Frame for a limited-edition collection, that facilities her botanical illustrations. Here, Pivovarova talks with W exclusively about her new four-piece denim collection, her ambitions as an artist, and more.

Have we always desired to pull and emanate art? When did we initial start and what did we draw?
we always done art as a child, it authorised me to penetrate in my anticipation world. we drew all that was moving during that time, including fairies and nymphs. we drew until high school, and when we started displaying my art began to resemble conform painting with long-legged, big-eyed girls. My sketchbooks are my diaries. When we was profound with my daughter we did many drawings that had a thesis of motherhood.

Did we investigate art in school?
I complicated Art History during a Russian State University for Humanities.

Who are some of your favorite artists?
I adore symbolism. My favorites artists are Gustave Moreau, Ivan Bilibin, Aubrey Beardsley, and Léon Bakst. we adore a approach they compensate courtesy to detail, their striking peculiarity and a line work

What is your favorite museum in a world?
I theory it would be Musée National Gustave Moreau in Paris. It is his (Gustave Moreau’s) strange studio and vital quarters. we cite to see art in a sourroundings where it was created.

Tell me about your story with Frame?
I met Erik [Torstensson] a while ago and when he started Frame he sent me their initial span of jeans, that we positively loved. we was featured in their Spring/Summer 2015 debate and again in their Spring/Summer 2017 campaign.

How did we go from displaying for a code to designing?
Altering and redesigning my garments has been my passion given we was a small girl. Frame sent me a span of jeans and a coupler as a present and we took to my fabric markers and went furious on it. we showed those jeans to a their artistic group and they desired it. we conclude a fact that they gave me full artistic leisure and were really understanding in a process. The painting we combined for a partnership was desirous by inlet and beauty.

What’s your favorite span of bland jeans?
I like a spare fit, as good as a comfy beloved jean.

What was your standard outfit for castings and go-sees when we initial started modeling? Have we always been a jeans girl?
I got into jeans in 2012. My standard outfit when we started displaying was some-more glamorous; we desired high heels, Chanel coats, large oversized hats and lots of accessories.

What recommendation do we give to determined models?
I keep revelation girls that a beauty is in individuality and it is best to be yourself since we are unique.

What is your stream favorite square of art we own?
I purchased a imitation by Robert Rauschenberg during a AmfAR gift celebration and auction

What are we operative on right now other than your Frame collaboration?
I am constantly in a artistic process. we adore creation art and hopefully will have a personal muster one day soon.

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