Everything You Can Do With a 4K Camera In Your Pocket Right Now

April 6, 2016 - photo frame

Everything You Can Do With a 4K Camera In Your Pocket Right Now

You competence have a 4K camera in your slot right now though even realizing it. Even if we don’t have a 4K TV to watch those videos on, we can use that camera to make even improved 1080p videos right now.

You Probably Have a 4K-Capable Camera Already

4K displays competence be scarce, though 4K cameras are everywhere. Most new flagship smartphones have 4K-capable cameras built in. Here are some of a many renouned models means of recording in this ultra high resolution:

This list is not comprehensive, though it’s easy to see that we have no necessity of cameras that can record video in 4K. Even so, 4K is a resolution, not a magnitude of quality, so be certain to check out a few smartphone video comparisons before we buy something new.


There are also copiousness of high peculiarity point-and-shoots means of sharpened in 4K, like a Panasonic LUMIX DMC-LX100K, a Nikon DL24-85, DL18-50, and DL24-500 line, and a Sony RX100. If we don’t mind spending some money for a peculiarity camera, we have a few options though removing a second mortgage. While we competence see veteran YouTubers regulating a many costly hardware to do a same work, we can get started with comparatively inexpensive apparatus until we have a genuine need to upgrade.

If we don’t have a 4K display, we competence consternation since you’d even wish to record in 4K during all. However, recording in 4K, even for observation on a 1080p display, is generally better. Since you’re recording additional data, we have some coherence modifying that we wouldn’t have otherwise. Here are only a few ways it can help, and some cold things we can do with 4K source video. Note: all of my videos next were taken on a Nexus 6P recording in 4K mode.


Get Better 1080p Footage When You Downsize 4K

You competence consider scaling a 4K video down to 1080p, isn’t unequivocally any opposite than sharpened in 1080p to start with. However, given 4K cameras annals most some-more detail, downsizing footage to 1080p can retains most finer details with reduction sound than sharpened 1080p natively.

As a video above from videographer Dylan Lierz shows how sheer this disproportion can be. In a corresponding comparison, downsized 4K footage grabs excellent sum on apart objects or formidable imagery like weed or trees most better. Sometimes a peculiarity isn’t most better, though we have some-more to work with from a start.

Update: As one commenter forked out, a labels in a initial half of a video seem to be switched. However, they’re corrected after on. Here’s another video that demonstrates this same principle. This video also explains since this outcome occurs.


Get High-Quality Cropped Footage After Shooting

Composing your support scrupulously is pivotal to shooting video that looks good. When you’re sharpened in 4K, we have some additional flexibility. You can stand in tighter on a shot to get a closer demeanour during a subject, or recenter on a opposite partial of a frame. Since you’re operative with footage that has roughly 4 times a pixels, we can name a most smaller partial of a support and still stand it down to a 1080p video with no poignant detriment in altogether quality.

In a video above, we filmed my worker drifting in my backyard. In a strange footage, I’m intensely distant divided from my worker (duh, it’s flying). However, we was means to confirm how tighten we wanted to stand a video later. Since I’m operative with 4K footage, we was means to get most closer though spiritless my video quality. Despite gathering down to scarcely a fourth a size, we can still make out a ton of fact in a tree branches in a background.

Stabilize Shaky Footage

When we stabilise digital footage normally, we remove a small quality. This occurs since a program zooms in somewhat and crops any support in a instruction opposite to a suit in a frame. If your camera shakes to a left, a support is cropped to a right. The upside is your footage is reduction shaky. However, we remove a small fortitude to get that effect.

As we can see in a initial half of a video above, my hands shook while we was filming my cat on a behind porch. However, we ran that same shave by After Effects’ Stabilize Motion tracker. In a second half of a video, we can see a result. The camera shake is roughly wholly gone, nonetheless a video has no reduction resolution.

It’s value indicating out that stabilizing footage isn’t a sorcery bullet. Using After Effects took a ton of time to investigate a suit and there’s still a bit of camera drift. Your mileage will also change depending on what process we use. However, carrying a additional pixels in your support gives we a lot some-more shake room.


Add Pans and Zooms On Stationary Shots

Since we have so most source information to work with, we can supplement effects to segments of your shot though carrying to retake them to get a effect. On a still shot of a subject, we can wizz in to supplement emphasis, or vessel opposite a landscape to supplement movement, as if we shot a prolonged vessel when you’re unequivocally zooming in and opposite a singular shot. This gives we a leisure to confirm after what form of transformation we need in your final video. You can also use a singular camera to get mixed compositions of a same scene.

For example, in a video above, we filmed a far-reaching shot of cosplayer Amber Alertt. Later, we altered a shot to supplement a pan. Once again, there’s no detriment in quality, notwithstanding zooming in and gathering a frame. we could also select to retreat that pan, stand in for a close-up, or spend a whole shot staring during a trees if we wanted.

Use Still Frames For Photography

A still support of a 4K video is roughly homogeneous to about 8.3 megapixels. That’s adequate pixels to take good cinema for all from amicable media to copy some sizes of photos. While we can take frames from 1080p video, a reduce fortitude isn’t as stretchable for photography. Every particular support of a 4K video can be used as a high peculiarity photograph, though a heavy need to snap a design during accurately a right time. Simply strike record and squeeze a ideal shot later.

In a video above, we asked cosplayer Layla Antagonist to examination with poses while we recorded. The shave lasted about twenty seconds. Afterwards, we was means to squeeze several still images that would fit right in during a unchanging print shoot:

Everything You Can Do With a 4K Camera In Your Pocket Right Now
Everything You Can Do With a 4K Camera In Your Pocket Right Now

They’re no surrogate for a correct photographer (and my phone is still not a surrogate for a correct camera), though they’re still high peculiarity photos that we could import into Photoshop to play with. By recording in 4K, we gave myself a choice of branch a support of a video into a serviceable print later. If I’d attempted this with normal 1080p video, I’d have most reduction to work with.

There are a ton of advantages to sharpened 4K video, and contingency are we already lift a device means of it. In fact, recording a aloft fortitude than we need can give we a lot some-more coherence to revise your videos and assistance take improved pictures.

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