Everett PE clergyman turns space saver into law invention

May 8, 2017 - photo frame

EVERETT — Johanna Paige Hilde bought her dream home in Everett with a perspective to die for, though a lavatory came with no tangible opposite space.

“What do we do with a pedestal penetrate and a toilet?” Paige Hilde asked. “Where do we put your coffee? Your contacts? Nowhere. we sat in my small small bathroom, and we attempted to figure it out and figure it out.”

For weeks, she found herself in a uncanny place. She was in a bathroom, holding a coffee mop as she looked during a design above her toilet in a bathroom, meditative to herself, “If usually a support could come down, kind of like a Murphy bed. Then it could spin a opposite top.”

And that’s when it came to her — because not make a design support that opens and facilities additional cupboard space? The Everett School District earthy credentials clergyman sketched out a idea, worked on it and afterwards perceived a patent.

She worked with a bureau in Asia to start prolongation for her invention, Flip Frame. Just as a Flip Frame was launching, she perceived a whopping volume of giveaway publicity.

Steve Greenberg, who wrote a book “Gadget Nation,” comparison Flip Frames as a product he talked about on a “Today” uncover Feb. 23.

“It’s scary, doing this during this indicate in my life,” she said. “I mean, I’m 59. In 3 years, we could retire from teaching.”

But Paige Hilde hasn’t been display any fear as she strikes out into a universe of marketing.

“We’re being lonesome all over a place,” she said. Her product, while it primarily done a entrance as a lavatory item, is kind of a catch-all classification tool.

She’s been gratified with a accepting that Flip Frame has perceived so far. Stories have been created about a product in several blogs and during slightest 10 magazines. The bearing has been sundry — it’s been created about in massage, homeschooling and even RV-centric magazines. But they all have something in common — a need to keep things organized.

She’s been offered a product by Amazon.

Her favorite partial about regulating Amazon has been a palliate of it all. “Amazon takes caring of a patron service. They take caring of a shipping. we accept a presentation when one gets shipped out.”

Customers have purchased about 100 Flip Frames a month during $129 per frame. She’s had many of her sales in Florida, though sales are entrance from all over, including some-more than 40 states.

She grew adult in Connecticut on a ranch. Her father worked as a administrator for a seat industry, though died when she was 6, and afterwards her family changed to Washington during 8.

She went to college on a lane scholarship, though went to work handling makeup counters during stores in Manhattan. She changed to Los Angeles and spent time doing makeup for a stars, among other jobs. She perceived her certification to be a surrogate teacher. When she changed to Washington, she worked in a margin full-time.

“I’ve been training PE for a final 15 years or so, and it’s been fabulous,” she said. “I run a margin day during propagandize with 50 volunteers and 550 students. we coach, and we teach, and we have a child in college and one who’s graduating during a finish of a year.”

Even so, her preference to pursue a Flip Frame didn’t come lightly.

“I have books of drawings and sketches and ideas,” she said. The Flip Frame started as one.

Her crony speedy her to copyright a thought behind in 2008, and she has solemnly been building steam for it given then, seeking patents and anticipating a right price-point for other would-be home refinishers like her.

She wrote a public instructions herself.

The Flip Frame sits on a French hinge — a timber support hilt that bolts to a wall in credentials to reason a rest of a piece.

(With apps that spin your phone into a level, it’s not terribly formidable to mount.)

To mountain a cabinet, we lift a Flip Frame and slip it on a hinge, after that we shaft it to a wall as good nearby a bottom, securing it.

The front flips down to a 17 in. by 21 in. opposite top.

The corner is magnetically hermetic so that with a discerning pull, we can change a batch imitation — a design of Skagit Valley tulips — to a personal photo, another imitation or even a skinny mirror.

“You can change it for a seasons as we go, we can put your kid’s design in it,” she said.

The support when it’s flipped down and becomes opposite space can reason 6 pounds of weight. The cupboard space behind a design can store adult to 20 pounds of weight.

She’s done a video for Flip Frames during her website during www.myflipframe.com so people can see her product in action.

“It’s visual. It needs to be seen. It takes 15 seconds to change a picture,” she said. “This is a small product that could.”

More information

To learn some-more or watch a proof video, go to www.myflipframe.com.

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