Engineering students pattern ‘bike that can’t be stolen’

November 16, 2014 - photo frame

It’s a bicyclist’s dream: a bike that can’t be stolen.

The “Yerka,” a antecedent designed by 3 immature Chilean engineering students, is a latest entrance in a new trend of bikes that can be sealed regulating some of their possess parts. They embody Brooklyn-based “Seatylock,” that uses a saddle chair as a lock, and Seattle-based “Denny,” that is sealed with a detachable handlebars.

But a inventors of a Yerka have done a turn in that approach. The bike’s reduce support opens adult into dual arms that are afterwards connected to a chair post and sealed to a post, so thieves would have to destroy a Yerka to get it unlocked, withdrawal it valueless.

“That’s because a sign is `a bike that gets stolen is no longer a bike.’ What we have here is truly an unstealable bike,” pronounced Cristobal Cabello, who came adult with a pattern during a college engineering category with childhood friends Andres Roi Eggers and Juan Jose Monsalve.

In Chile and elsewhere in Latin America, a widespread of designated cycling lanes, storage racks and bike share programs are enlivening commuters to switch from cars to bikes, that are cheaper and environmentally friendly.

Cristobal Galban, who binds a doctorate in naval and environmental engineering and is executive of a sustainability investigate core during Santiago’s Andres Bello University, pronounced a investigate by his group in 2013 found that “the use of bikes has doubled among Chileans” in 5 years.

“The categorical problem in Chile and elsewhere are a robberies, so a Yerka could assistance solve this,” pronounced Galban, whose possess bike was recently stolen.

Tony Hadland, co-author with Hans-Erhard Lessing of Bicycle Design: An Illustrated History, called a Chileans’ pattern “very clever.”

There have been comparatively few attempts to incorporate anti-theft precautions into bicycle design, a British author said.

Leaving aside a informed encircle thatch and bondage with locks, many anti-theft accessories have been bolt-on devices, he said. The latter customarily engage a square that passes between a spokes to stop a circle rotating, though they can still be simply picked open by a thief, he said.

“The many effective plan ordinarily used in London currently is to take a bike into a bureau with you,” Hadland said. “The Brompton folding bicycle, now roughly an idol of London, is so compress and so easy and arguable to overlay that many cycling commuters take their Bromptons into a office.”

“Other anti-theft strategies engage regulating a bike that looks so homely that nobody will wish to take it,” he said.

The immature Chilean engineers pronounced they began experimenting with their thought after Roi’s bicycle was stolen. First they built a PVC model, afterwards assembled a operative prototype.

Now, while watchful for a obvious to be authorized and carrying out some-more tests on a bike’s insurgency to thieves, a group skeleton to launch a throng appropriation debate seeking to lift funds. They’re also looking for a partner who can deposit $300,000 indispensable to furnish a initial collection of 1,000 bikes that they wish will be sole by mid-2015.

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