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September 11, 2014 - photo frame

After romantic shutting statements currently from a invulnerability and prosecution, Onondaga County Court Joseph Fahey educated a jury to start deliberations in a killing hearing of Romeo Williams.

Williams, 19, is charged with bringing about a genocide of James Gifford, 70, by an unprovoked conflict final year during a 7-Eleven store in a Elmwood area of Syracuse.

Gifford, a retiree, was walking out of a store when Williams assaulted him. Since a commencement of a trial, invulnerability counsel Eric Jeschke has done it transparent no one denies that his customer pounded Gifford.

Thursday, in closing, Jeschke emphasized he appreciates a life and values of Gifford – a longtime Elmwood proprietor and a retirement from a Van Duyn Home Hospital – and that he understands a concern of what’s been lost.

James Gifford during Elmwood Presbyterian Church: He died a year ago, after he was pounded nearby his Elmwood home.  

“He went out to get doughnuts, and he did not go home, and we am not forgetful about that,” Jeschke said.

The core issues, Jeschke said, engage a definition of a law and Romeo’s intent, including either Romeo satisfied – after a night of complicated celebration and drug use – that Gifford was a most comparison and exposed man.

A videotape of a incident, played for jurors, shows Williams regulating opposite a parking lot toward Gifford; Jeschke pronounced Williams threw one punch, went into a store, and afterwards returned to Gifford to flog him once as he lay on a ground, an comment Jeschke pronounced is upheld by testimony.

Jeschke questioned either those actions support a thought of vigilant to mistreat on such a turn of malice that it would support a initial or second-degree killing conviction.

“I’m not revelation we to like Romeo Williams,” Jeschke told a jury. “You shouldn’t like him. But that doesn’t change his intent.”

Romeo Williams: Was his vigilant to means “serious harm” when he assaulted Jim Gifford?  

Prosecutor Robert Moran, in his conclusion, gave a jury a frame-by-frame outline of a incident, regulating videotapes that showed a interior of a store and a parking lot, as prisoner by a camera opposite a street. In a video, Williams is seen entering a store and lifting his cap, apparently in a seconds after he assaulted Gifford.

Williams afterwards earnings to a parking lot and appears to flog Gifford as he lays on a ground, and Moran said: “The flog has all to do with Romeo Williams’ intent.”

The prosecutor done several mentions of a impulse in a fasten when Carlos Flores, a immature male in a same organisation of friends, creates a indicate of holding a doorway and display pleasantness for Gifford – who afterwards walks out into parking lot, a tiny bag of groceries in his left hand, and gets attacked.

If Flores could uncover honour to an comparison male – a foreigner – after a night of drinking, Moran asked, because couldn’t Williams? Moran used photographs and papers from a medical investigator to fact Gifford’s wounds – including draining in a brain, mixed bruises and a black eye – and he argued that Gifford’s genocide was a approach outcome of a assault.

“This was zero though pristine unprovoked savage rage,” Moran said.

Fahey afterwards educated jury members on specifics of killing law, and sent them into deliberations. We’ll yield an refurbish whenever they return.

– Sean Kirst

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