Elephant snatches man’s camera, takes extraordinary ‘elphie’

May 24, 2015 - photo frame

Plenty of tourists have snapped a selfie of themselves posing with an elephant during their travels.

But how many have had their print taken by a elephant?

Christian LeBlanc, a 22-year-old Canadian, found himself a theme of an surprising “elphie” on a Thai island progressing this year.

“My partner and we were exploring a island when we came opposite a integrate elephants,” he pronounced by email. “For 50 cents, we could buy a basket of bananas to feed them, so we motionless to get one.”

The elephant LeBlanc was feeding motionless what was on offer wasn’t adequate and started ferreting for some-more food with a trunk.

“Next thing we knew, it grabbed my GoPro by a mountain and we got a selfie of a lifetime, that we can’t take full credit for,” he said.

Elephant was ‘very playful’

LeBlanc’s GoPro, a mountable sports camera, was set to fire continuously, so it prisoner a perspective from a elephant’s trunk. But he’s not statute out a probability that a savage knew what it was doing.

“Elephants are impossibly intelligent, and it really creates we consternation if it was a unwavering action,” he said.

The print was taken on a island of Koh Phangan about dual months ago, though it has picked adult courtesy online and also from a general media in new days.

The photographically prone elephant, meanwhile, stays something of a mystery.

“I know zero about a tangible elephant other than a adore for selfies,” LeBlanc said. “Its celebrity was really witty and it clearly had a longing for bananas since it devoured them.”

Not a initial ‘elphie’ on record

LeBlanc had been study abroad in Bangkok before he and his partner embarked on their travels. This was his initial confront with an elephant.

“At first, we was a small discreet of a size,” he told CNN. “However, a few mins in, we satisfied that notwithstanding a power, a elephant was comparatively gentle. we got gentle adequate that we let my ensure down and let it squeeze my GoPro.”

His print is unusual, though not a initial elphie on record.

Last year, an elephant during a safari park in a United Kingdom reportedly snapped a selfie with a phone forsaken by a visitor.

Issues surrounding animal photos

When an animal takes a photo, it throws adult troublesome issues about who has copyright over a image, as David J. Slater detected after a selfie taken with his camera by an Indonesian macaque went viral.

Some photos of tourists posing with lovable creatures, like cocktail star Rihanna’s confront in Thailand with an involved primate, have stirred warnings from wildlife activists about a violent diagnosis of what they call “photo-prop” animals.

LeBlanc, meanwhile, has changed on to a Philippines and taken his animal selfie diversion underwater, capturing himself in a same support as a whale shark, a largest class of fish in a world.

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