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April 16, 2015 - photo frame

The plcae is prime, and a cost is right, though a residence leaves most to be desired. With a tiny creativity and some bend grease, it’s probable to emanate present architecture. 

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Margaret Zainey Roux

Design Dilemmas writer

We asked New Orleans executive and artist Max Ryan what it takes to give a box-like structure pleasing bones.

Up a ante with millwork

  • Give plain Jane bedrooms a demeanour of loftiness by replacing tiny climax moldings with incomparable three-step climax (the trade tenure for triple-crown molding) and swapping-out petty one-piece bottom trim with incomparable baseboards with top and shoe moldings
  • Create a coffered-ceiling outcome by adding box beams to a prosaic roof or supplement an superb roof insignia to set off a chandelier.
  • Use wainscoting to supplement visible and pleasing seductiveness to walls. In a some-more grave setting, give a apparition of paneling by unresolved musical frame in a picture-frame arrangement. If you’re home is some-more casual, beadboard lends a good cottage-inspired aesthetic.  

Age gracefully with architectural deliver and reclaimed materials

  • Pull-up runner or laminate flooring and reinstate with reclaimed hardwood floors for a spirit of patina.  
  • Dress adult a plain steel box grate section with a thick reclaimed timber lamp or mortar mantel. Prefer a demeanour of stone? Search a internal mill gallery for a vestige of marble, slab or limestone that can be mounted to reclaimed iron brackets to emanate a mantel shelf.    
  • Replace a general front doorway with an antique hardwood doorway found during one of a many internal architectural deliver stores.  While you’re there, check out their register of antique cypress shutters. They are a flattering and unsentimental choice to non-functional vinyl shutters.  

Cook adult something cool  

  • Disguise a practical steel operation hood with a timber box and musical moldings or a mortar façade to emanate a custom-looking fixture.
  • Give contractor-grade cabinets a face lift with new fronts and uninformed paint. If sealed storage isn’t essential, reinstate top cabinets with open shelving to visually increase a room while adding old-school character.

Swathe your kitchen island in high style

  • Refresh a grubby countertop with grocer block, zinc or healthy mill in a tone or finish that will element fringe countertops.
  • Add musical corbels underneath a countertop or a toe-kick during a bottom to raise a appeal.
  • Feeling bold? Consider repainting a island in a statement-making accent paint like emerald immature or canary yellow.

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