E-cigs and malware: genuine hazard or Yellow Peril 2.0?

November 22, 2014 - photo frame

After a redditor claimed to have gotten a mechanism pathogen from factory-installed malware on an e-cig charger, a Guardian reported out a story and resolved that it’s possible.

Ever given word broke of a kind of unstoppable USB malware, many mechanism users (including me) have been looking indirect during a USB inclination that we block into a PCs, and a charges that we block a inclination into. The USB Condom and charge-only cables assistance minimize a risk of USB-spread malware, of course, though there are times when we want data-transfer between inclination — for example, yesterday we put a PDF of my debate records on a thumb-drive and plugged it into a mechanism during a hotel business-center in sequence to make a printout. That mechanism is potentially some-more germ-ridden than an airplane toilet seat, though there was no other approach to get a difference from my hard-drive onto paper.

I had a noted review with a crony who is really comparison in a US comprehension village final summer, who claimed that a outrageous suit of USB inclination boat with malware installed on them, and pronounced that a confidence protocols used by a entities he worked in taboo a use of USB drives solely those from a single, US-based, approved vendor.

But both that review and a Guardian’s essay hinge on a perspective of Chinese manufacturers as untrustworthy, portion as de facto arms of a Chinese notice apparatus, a Trojan equine for both troops and industrial espionage. But as a government of China’s Huawai have pointed out, there is no open justification that this is so — indeed, if anyone is hacking anyone, it’s US spy-agencies hacking Huawei — and US-made gear, like that from Cisco.

In other words, a governments obliged for a $250,000,000/year program of technological harm opposite a record that we all rest on each day are a loudest voices in a carol warning us opposite Chinese state-industrial malware. Perhaps it takes one to know one?

Rik Ferguson, a confidence consultant for Trend Micro, says a story is wholly plausible. “Production line malware has been around for a few years, infecting print frames, MP3 players and more,” he says. In 2008, for instance, a print support constructed by Samsung shipped with malware on a product’s implement disc.

Even some-more concerning is a new proof-of-concept conflict called “BadUSB”, that involves reprogramming USB inclination during a hardware level. “Very widely widespread USB controller chips, including those in ride drives, have no insurance from such reprogramming,” says Berlin-based organisation SRLabs, that expelled a code.

Now e-cigarettes can give we malware [Alex Hern/The Guardian]

(via Dan Hon)

(Image: RF Access Point for eZ430-Chronos, STWN, CC-BY-SA)

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