Dylan Sprouse Trolls Brother Cole and KJ Apa on Instagram Stories

October 4, 2017 - photo frame

Cole and Dylan Sprouse aren’t fearful to fry a heck out of any other on amicable media. Hey, it’s what brothers do, right? But it turns out that their jokes should come with a warning: if you’re in a area, we competence get pulled into a punchline, too.

That’s what happened to KJ Apa, who was unresolved with Cole backstage before a dual were set to seem on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon. Dylan, who lives in New York, swung by a taping, and beheld something unequivocally rare when a contingent stepped into a same print frame. What was it, do we ask? That he, Cole, and KJ have a same ubiquitous hair tone intrigue as a — wait for it — Powerpuff Girls. Naturally, he had to request a materialisation for a universe to see, so he posted a print to Instagram Stories and a rest was history.

KJ has formerly non-stop about failing his hair red for Riverdale, telling Teen Vogue that a routine is “gnarly. Probably a categorical thing we was unequivocally shaken about was saying what we would demeanour like with red hair and eyebrows.” Cole, meanwhile, painted his sandy blond hair black to play depressed Jughead Jones; Dylan, meanwhile, is still rocking his signature prolonged blond locks.

As for us? Now we’ll never be means to unsee this Powerpuff send up. If they wish to concrete this with a Halloween costume, it wouldn’t be a misfortune thought we’ve ever heard.

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