DIY print filters with bland objects

October 15, 2014 - photo frame

Photographers have always desired regulating filters. Whether it’s boosting contrariety by pairing a red filter with black-and-white film, or simply adding a polarizer to cut glare, there is a filter for roughly each situation.

The following DIY filters are all about distorting light in a artistic way, though wanting to deposit in any additional photography equipment.

While these tips are ideal for transmutable lens cameras and dSLRs, we can grasp many of a same effects with roughly any other camera. Just take a bit some-more caring if we are regulating equipment with a compress camera or smartphone.

Use bland equipment as artistic print filters
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The common pure square is good for crafting, though it’s even improved as a detailed tool. There are a series of opposite ways we can use cellophane with your camera — to copy light leaks or to supplement a phony filter to photos.

Grab any colour cellophane we like. Cut off a tiny shred to fit around your lens. Attach with a rubber rope and demeanour by a viewfinder to position it where we like in a frame.


Lexy Savvides/CNET

Depending on a outcome we desire, we can cover half a lens, a tiny apportionment or a whole thing if we wish a phony preserve look. You can even examination with opposite phony strips of cellophane taped together to cover a lens for some fun effects.

Play around with a amount, positioning and density of cellophane around a lens to get opposite looks. Also cruise regulating clarity film and adding colour with markers, afterwards holding this in front of a lens.

Bear in mind that by covering a lens with any object, we will remove some picture sharpness.



Lexy Savvides/CNET

A gangling span of stockings can make for a DIY soft-focus filter. Simply trip a stocking over your lens and lift taut, afterwards secure around a tub with a rubber band. You’ll wish to make certain that we still have entrance to a wizz and concentration rings for any fine-tuning.

Unless we are looking for a deliberately epitome effect, select a stocking with a denier of 15 or next so we can indeed see by it when it is over a lens.

The stocking can act as a good diffuser in splendid light situations, or emanate a misty and sentimental outcome on an cloudy day.

Wine glass

Take an bland booze potion and fill it with water. Thanks to refraction, anything we demeanour during by a potion will be inverted and flipped upside down.

Shooting by a booze potion creates an ideal photography project. Simply squeeze your potion and put it in front of a subject. Choose where we wish your indicate of concentration to be within a potion and switch your camera into orifice priority mode. Open adult a orifice (by regulating a tiny f-number) to fuzz a credentials and emanate a shoal abyss of margin effect.


Lexy Savvides/CNET

Then, we can stagger a whole picture 180 degrees in post-processing to spin a refracted picture right approach up, and a credentials is incited upside down.


Don’t have a polarizing filter during hand? A span of sunglasses can grasp a identical outcome by slicing down on a glisten entering a camera and altering a properties of a light.

Depending on a distance of your lens, a sunglasses can possibly totally cover a stage or yield a delegate inset perspective like in a picture below.


Lexy Savvides/CNET


Remember a aged “vaseline lens” trick? Create a selected and fragile feel in your photos with a hold of petroleum jelly. But, don’t go staining vaseline directly on your lens. Use a square of adhere film pulled firmly around a tub and insert with a rubber band, afterwards dab vaseline on a edges.

Depending on a placement, we can make it demeanour like a misty day even when it’s only overcast, or supplement a unreal feel to portraits. It’s even probable to get a tilt-shift outcome with dual streaks possibly side of a centre of a lens.

For this outcome we can also use a inexpensive skylight or UV filter so we can stagger a cosmetic film, or if you’re unequivocally adventurous and don’t mind cleaning adult after on, allegation a Vaseline on a filter itself.



Lexy Savvides/CNET

With a gangling accumulate of glowsticks, supplement a charming rainbow outcome to portraits and ubiquitous photos. Simply activate a glowstick (smaller works better) and insert opposite a lens in whatever pattern works best.

Make certain to insert a sticks regulating a non-marking, simply removable fasten such as channel fasten so we don’t repairs your lens. Ensure all wizz and concentration rings are giveaway to move, afterwards take photos during your leisure.

Sure we competence get some humorous looks when regulating these tools, though it’s all in a name of carrying fun and experimenting with your photography. Go out and enjoy!

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