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December 4, 2015 - photo frame

Whenever I’m in a support aisle of a store, we spin into one of those fist-shaking seniors who protest about a high prices. Thirty dollars for that?! Frames used to be pretty labelled behind in my day!

But wait, let me put my shaft down and tell we what we did about it.

This plan indeed began months ago, behind in a balmy summer mornings of traipsing around yard sales. Oh, how a family loves yard sales! we buy so many equipment that it customarily takes me many of a tumble and winter to reconstitute everything, and that’s accurately how we like it.

This past summer, one of a equipment on my hope-to-find list was a set of candlesticks. we knew we could buy them during a qualification store or a Dollar Store, though they were always some-more than we wanted to pay.

I speckled this black ceramic contingent during a yard sale 10 mins from a residence and snapped them adult like I’d detected a singular treasure. They were not priced, and a lady pronounced we could have all 3 for a dollar. Happily, we forsaken a loonie into her palm and thanked her. The lady subsequent to me commented that they’d demeanour unequivocally good with some new candles in them, though we said, “Oh no, these are indeed going to be design frames.” Well, those ladies looked during me like we was crazy. we attempted to explain what we meant, though we don’t consider they got it — hopefully they are reading now!

When we got home from yard saleing, we dug by my bin of aged print frames and picked out 3 groundless steel ones I’d bought years ago during a drugstore. we indispensable something good and lightweight, and these were so plain we didn’t mind sacrificing them. we widespread a tarp on a grass and misted all — frames and candlesticks — with dual coats of dark bluish mist paint (Krylon’s Blue Ocean Breeze.)

Then we took a pieces inside once they were dry and soon forgot about them for 3 months. Yes, unequivocally — that happens a lot.

The candlesticks and frames were buried underneath a raise of qualification reserve until we speckled them and motionless to finally finish a project. we slipped photos into a frames, superglued a frames onto a candlesticks, and propped them adult so they’d stay in place while a glue dried.

The finished pedestal print frames demeanour unequivocally neat, and we unequivocally wish to examination with opposite heights and chunkier frames. we consider a cluster of them all in white (you know we adore white) would demeanour overwhelming opposite a confidant wall colour.

So start rounding adult aged candlesticks — who unequivocally uses those anymore, anyway? — and repurpose some print frames this weekend. You’ll adore they approach they look, and they’re also approach easier to dust!

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