DIY Concrete Mixing Wheelbarrow Made from Recycled Parts

May 11, 2015 - photo frame

[Dan] had a garland of petrify blending to do. Sure, it was probable to stand there and brew petrify and H2O in a dumpcart for hours and hours though that sounds like a vapid task. Instead, [Dan] looked around a emporium to see if he had tools accessible to make a concrete mixer. As we might have guessed, he did. Instead of interlude during only a petrify mixer, he motionless to make a concrete blending wheelbarrow!

The support is built out of plywood left over from a past dug-out project. The support binds a blending tub that was also unresolved around a shop. From a photo, the drive complement looks elementary though it is not. First, a tiny engine pulley spins a incomparable pulley that is in-line with a barrel. Gearing down a expostulate this approach increases torque accessible to spin a barrel, and that rigging rebate is required to spin a complicated petrify slowly. What we can’t see is a heavenly rigging complement that gears down a expostulate sight again. The gears are cut out of plywood and were designed in this Gear Generator program. The object (center) gear of a heavenly setup is upheld by another scavenged part, a circle temperament from a Chevy minivan.

Now [Dan] can brew all a petrify he wants, circle it over and dump it wherever he needs it. With a difference of a expostulate belt and some diverse hardware, all a tools were recycled.

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