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May 10, 2017 - photo frame

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Tech-lifestyle startup Pushd, led by hunt engine colonize and former Twitter Chief Scientist Dr. Abdur Chowdhury, and CTO Eric Jensen, designs premium, user-friendly, technologically modernized pattern frames that automatically arrangement a best photos from your iphone or iPad. Family and friends can be invited to spin contributors.

Key Aura facilities embody an elegant, peculiarity support pattern with high fortitude display; an easy-to-use, giveaway mobile app that conveniently controls a frame; facial approval program that automatically facilities a people we take cinema of many often, and it updates your support with new photos as we (or contributors) take them. It also has a built-in detector that avoids displaying low contrast, blurry, transcribe or nakedness pictures.

The support has worldly feeling technology. For example, there is appetite unwavering suit and light sensors that spin a support off when we leave a room or spin off a lights, afterwards turns behind on, arrangement we a new print any time we re-enter a room. There are also gesticulate controls permitting we to pierce behind and onward between your photos with a elementary appropriate of your hand. Aura intelligent frames are accessible in ivory with rose bullion trim or colourless with black trim and are labelled during $399.

Aura recently partnered with charity:water to furnish 500 limited-edition clear blue with china trim frames to lift approval supports to move clean, protected celebration H2O to people in building countries. Aura will present $60 to charity:water for any blue support sold.

Chowdhury cofounded Pushd with former Twitter Search/Relevance Tech Lead Dr. Eric Jensen. In 2007, they launched Summize, a real-time hunt engine that was acquired by Twitter in 2008 and went on to spin a basement of Twitter search. Both Chowdhury and Jensen stayed on during Twitter until 2011 before rising Pushd. In further to Twitter’s Chief Scientist, Chowdhury was also AOL’s Chief Architect. He is also a cofounder of The Alta Vista School focused on STEM preparation for k-8 in San Francisco and has been named a “father of trending and hashtags” by BBC.

Pushd has domicile in New York City and San Francisco. Aura was famous by Oprah’s Favorite Things and they have recently lifted $7 million Series A for Aura led by Kevin Thau of Spark Capital.

Kristina Moore: Was your proclivity to rise Aura a personal as good as a business opportunity?

Dr. Abdur Chowdhury: Eric and we have been operative together for over 15 years; from PhD’s, to AOL, to Summize, to Twitter, and now Aura. We have spent many of that time building things we cruise others need, though now have a oppulance to emanate a product for a families and selves. It all started a year and a half ago when Eric said, “I bought a digital pattern support for my mom and it sucked.” My response, “So did I, and it was horrible…but no approach are we building hardware!”

My family is a many vicious thing in a universe to me. It’s extraordinary to be means to emanate something for them and other families. It’s a usually device in my home that is engineered to make people grin each time we demeanour during it. My TV doesn’t do that. My Sonos or Nest don’t do that. If we solve genuine problems for yourself, it is expected we are elucidate them for others and that seems like a good business and any business we can be partial of that brings families closer together excites me.

c/o Pushd

Dr. Abdur Chowdhury , Pushd CEO Cofounder, creator of a Aura frame.

What distinguishes Aura from competitors?

Chowdhury: Digital pattern frames are same to a T.I. 89 calculator – shining in their day, though never innovated on since. We have radically solved all a things that are terrible about a category. Aura is super easy to use, has a stunningly high-resolution display, and aesthetically speaking, a support is beautiful. We don’t see ourselves as a kitschy tech gadget, instead Aura lies precisely in a core of a intelligent and pleasing venn diagram. There is no reason because we can’t have a overwhelming square of home-decor, though it also has a worldly mechanism and program inside. We unequivocally see a intersection of record and pattern as a destiny of home decor.

Why have we motionless to emanate a amicable advantage for Aura supporters?

Chowdhury: we cruise a association to have a amicable obligation. When we setup a association we set aside 1% of a association for charity. We wanted to make certain we had built in a idea and ability for a association to use a success to assistance those reduction fortunate. As a association grows, we wish and design some-more opportunities to arise for us to assistance others.

Any skeleton to make Aura app Android friendly?

Chowdhury: Yes! It’s in expansion this unequivocally second. We are all vehement to get some-more families connected.

c/o Pushd

Aura: A intelligent pattern support designed to fill your home with photos of family friends.

Many people see we as a mentor. Why do cruise it’s vicious to coach startups and inspire STEM education?

Chowdhury: we cruise that STEM is so vicious that my mother and we helped start a STEM k-8 propagandize in San Francisco. The sciences are during a heart of a 21st century economy. Kids that do not have vicious meditative and a clever STEM substructure will have a unequivocally tough time competing globally.

What sparks your seductiveness and keeps we vehement currently in a record field?

Chowdhury: Really saying how people request record in astonishing ways. It is flattering easy to see how things are surpassing in a given area given a standing quo. But stories like Jack Andraka, [who is] reckoning out a new approach to exam for pancreatic cancer that is cheap, keeps me carefree and vehement about a future.

You’ve been referred to as a ‘father of trends’. What do we see trending in tech in 2017?

Chowdhury: AI or appurtenance learning. We are stability to see some-more and some-more information accessible to assistance us sight machines to do things we suspicion were usually tasks humans could do. We are saying a ability to sight voice approval and appurtenance prophesy grow each year and 2017 will be usually that, some-more mainstream. Trust me, this year’s new collection a decade ago, we suspicion of as scholarship fiction. The continued expansion of appurtenance prophesy for cars and AI for drug research is going to be amazing. It is unequivocally sparkling if we are into a future.

What impact, if any, do we cruise a new U.S. administration competence have on American innovation?

Chowdhury: After vital in Washington DC for many years, we schooled a prolonged time ago to keep my domestic views to myself. That being said, in terms of American innovation, I’ll quote Jurassic Park, “Life finds a way.”

c/o Pushd

Aura frames underline worldly feeling technology.

What’s subsequent for Pushd, Inc?

Chowdhury: We like to contend that Aura is like a tellurian brain, and is usually regulating 10% of it’s intensity appetite right now. Our roadmap is long, with lots of amazingly cold features. Other than that – some-more sizes, some-more colors, some-more tangential services, and maybe even some-more products.

How do we feed your creativity and energy?

Chowdhury: we have a few opposite projects that keep me on my toes. We helped start AltaVista, a STEM School, for a daughter in that we am heavily involved. I’m deeply concerned assisting Deepflight build personal submarines for people to try a H2O world. Lastly, a Aura group is extraordinary and I, personally, feel some-more appetite each day we am in a office. Other than that we think we am like everybody else, good dishes with family and friends, an occasional skiing adventure, and wine…don’t forget wine.

Kristina Moore is a character consultant focusing on visible display as a energetic veteran tool. She is a owner and editor of Corporate Fashionista.

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