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There’s no doubt that Jackie Peyton has always been a conundrum. The choices she creates are, for a many part, deplorable, nonetheless even during her many dim and unsatisfactory her merciful tellurian side mostly comes resplendent through. It can be maddening, not to discuss exhausting. Just when you’ve finally motionless once and for all that she’s not value spending any some-more of your appetite on, she does something that creates we see her heart and comprehend that notwithstanding all her inhuman mistakes, she’s not entirely toxic. (And no, my name is not Zoey Barkow, in box we were wondering.)

Is it ever fine to do something controversial (and by “questionable” in this box I, of course, meant illegal) if a finish outcome is for good? Just kidding. Pretty certain a answer to that is “no,” no matter how gray a matter competence be. This week Jackie is once again pulling an reliable range and creation us feel all sorts of churned adult feelings. But before we both honour and disapprove her for her decision, let’s find out what led her there, shall we?

When she finds out a new hotshot counsel she’s hired to assistance her get her pursuit behind is bailing since a $10K servant check she gave him wasn’t good, Jackie goes into panic mode and starts pawning off her belongings. Nana’s china print frame? Gone. Wedding ring to that meaningless Kevin? See ya. Sadly, conjunction of those things brings in scarcely adequate income to get Barry Wolfe behind in a game, so she heads to a bank to try to get a second debt on a house.

Discovering that a corner comment she shares with Kevin is dull (which creates my progressing nomination of him make a lot some-more sense) she final an explanation. Kevin tries to justify that a dual mortgages he had to take out (by illegally forging Jackie’s signature, obviously) were to cover a cost of a bar renovation, a new baby preparations, and let’s not forget that wedding. “You meant we got thrown out of a marriage that we paid for?” Jackie shouts. Looks like while a round competence not be resolutely behind in her court, it’s positively hovering nearby a net, and she’s got Kevin where she wants him. Demanding visitation rights with a girls, a pretension to a Jeep, and his $4K Rolex, Jackie scores anyway. Typical.

Meanwhile, Jackie has taken a pursuit as a home health caring helper (anyone caring to illuminate me on how she got that pursuit with her record?) and her studious is an aged lady who is confined and lethargic, and whose daughter is days divided from putting her in a home. Jackie discovers that a lady is on a feast of meds that she discovers are downers, that she determines to be a means of this woman’s passive, sluggish behavior.

Taking matters into her possess hands (because that’s what she does), Jackie replaces a meds with candy. Okay, here’s where we all need to postpone faith for a moment. The candy obviously wouldn’t pass for pills—especially a candy necklace rings that would have a small hole in a center—but let’s remember folks, this is a radio show, and it’s indeed a flattering honeyed idea. Ba dum bum.

After a lady swallows a candy, meditative they’re all her meds, of course, she pops out of bed a subsequent day dressed to a nines for church … or a stately wedding. (But really, that relating dress/coat/hat ensemble—not to discuss a woman’s new attitude—was lovely.) Hip hip hooray for Jackie! Illegally changing this woman’s remedy dose gave her behind her life! Oh, wait.

As if we indispensable another reason to come down from Jackie’s obscure good deed, she after takes all of a woman’s genuine meds to her aged dealer. You know, a dude she had all sorts of musty sex with final season? The one she took to Kevin’s marriage and afterwards caused a stage with after she satisfied he’d been traffic to teenagers? Yeah, that prince. Selling him a baggie of pills, she finally has adequate income to secure her lawyer, and hopefully, her job. What’d we tell ya? Exhausting.

With her extreme new profession abrasive it in front of tellurian resources and surveying all the ways in that Jackie was wronged, not to discuss melancholy a jury trial, Jackie is given diversion—you know, a understanding she packaged a container full of narcotics and ran from final season. This time, Gloria is laying down some despotic manners that Jackie agrees to (Gloria: I’m literally going to [drug] exam a piss out of you); manners that we and we both know will be damaged by month’s end.

In other news, Zoey is solemnly entrance to grips with Jackie’s betrayal, and even joins in with Coop, Carrie, and Thor in some snarky laughs during Jackie’s expense. (Who else is still giving Thor a standing-O during his too-brief impersonation of Jean Valjean?) Zoey also total out that Carrie is pregnant, and as we can imagine, is thrilled. 

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