Customize Your Facebook Profile Photo with a Fourth of Jul Frame

July 2, 2016 - photo frame


The USO, or United Services Organizations, has combined a proxy form design support for all Facebook users for a Fourth of July.

Facebook began providing these proxy form photos final year, in sequence for users to uncover their support of a cause. Earlier this year they broadened this and now concede a accumulation of frames and overlays that users can name to uncover support of a sports event, a movie, a gift or cause. Facebook partnered with “select pages” that are means to offer frames.

The Next Web reported in an refurbish that Facebook skeleton to recover a self-service height that would concede other pages to emanate and upload their possess designs for frames and filters.

This month in respect of a USO’s 75th anniversary they have combined a support for a Fourth of July.

“For 75 years, a USO has been dedicated to ancillary America’s use members and their desired ones.”

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The USO has been providing programs, services and party during some-more than 180 locations worldwide, including Afghanistan, Kuwait, Germany, Japan, Iraq, South Korea and a United States.

“USO centers yield a comfortable and comforting place where use members can bond to desired ones around Internet or phone, play a video game, locate a movie, have a break or only put their feet adult and relax.”

In 2014 some-more than 7 million use members and their families visited a USO center.

Show your support of a USO and applaud a Fourth of Jul with your possess frame.

USO frame

Here’s how to get your USO Facebook Frame:

  1. Go to Profile Picture Frames
  2. In a #2 box to a right of your print click a dump down menu
  3. Find “Causes” and select
  4. Scroll down to USO and select.
  5. Center/Adjust your photo
  6. Press “Use as Profile Picture”

Happy 4th of July!

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