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January 1, 2015 - photo frame

We like to consider we’re in control of a lives, though this past year showed it’s mostly people in robes who run a show.

Gay couples rushed a Dane County clerk’s bureau after a sovereign decider struck down an eight-year-old voter anathema on same-sex marriage. The U.S. Supreme Court declined to intervene, branch Wisconsin into one of 35 states where happy matrimony is now legal.

Voter ID seemed to be a law for state elections, until it wasn’t, and afterwards it was again. 

Then there was a involved John Doe review into probable coordination between Gov. Scott Walker’s discuss and regressive groups. Various judges and courts weighed in with a dizzying and infrequently opposing array of rulings.

Speaking of Walker, he did that thing he always does — won another election. This was his third feat in 4 years. 

Through it all, there were some constants. Mother Nature whacked us a few times, a sports teams contended for inhabitant titles, and we endured a scarcely unintelligible volume of highway construction.

We welcomed a new Madison military chief, a redone Edgewater hotel and a encampment of “tiny houses.” We pronounced goodbye to Rhythm Booms, American TV Appliance, Jolly Bob’s grill and now, 2014.

Here are highlights of a year that was:

Jan. 1: The Badgers mislay to South Carolina in a Capital One Bowl, creation it a team’s fourth uninterrupted play loss, including 3 true Rose Bowl defeats.

Jan. 4: Madison and several other area propagandize districts announce propagandize closures due to subzero temperatures and “life-threatening” breeze chills. The wintry continue settlement sets in for many of January, Feb and March, ensuing in 38 below-zero days in Madison for a winter.

Jan. 10: After a inhabitant search, a University of Wisconsin System selects Ray Cross, former chancellor of UW Colleges and UW-Extension, to reinstate Kevin Reilly as a subsequent System president.

Jan. 30: A Wisconsin Court of Appeals declines to hindrance a five-county “John Doe” review targeting intensity bootleg coordination by Gov. Scott Walker’s discuss and Republican and regressive groups during a 2011 and 2012 remember elections and creates open hundreds of pages of formerly hermetic filings.

Jan 31: Jaren Kuester, who put many of southwestern Wisconsin on corner final Apr when he incidentally and savagely murdered 3 obvious Wiota-area farmers, is systematic to spend a rest of his life in a mental institution.

Feb. 17: American TV Appliance, a Madison Beltline buttress for a past 60 years, closes, putting scarcely 1,000 employees in 3 states out of work.

Feb. 19: Occupy Madison, a homeless advocacy organisation that grew out of inhabitant income inequality protests, proposes branch a former automobile emporium into a encampment of “tiny houses” for a homeless. The plan is authorized in May, and a initial houses go adult over a summer.

March 3: Kaleem Caire, who led a Urban League of Greater Madison for a past 4 years, stairs down as boss and CEO “to pursue other opportunities.” Former Madison Police Chief Noble Wray stairs in as hindrance CEO and president.

March 3: Fredrica L. Hanger, 33, who was expelled from jail only days earlier, dies in Madison’s initial carnage of 2014 after being shot by his brother, 39-year-old Bonnell Hanger, on a 1300 retard of East Wilson Street.

March 4: Republicans reject Assembly Majority Leader Bill Kramer amid allegations that he intimately tormented a lady and inappropriately overwhelmed another.

March 27: In an overtime classic, a Badgers basketball group beats Arizona 64-63, promulgation conduct manager Bo Ryan to a Final Four for a initial time.

April 5: The Badgers mislay 74-73 to a Kentucky Wildcats in a Final Four diversion after violence Baylor 69-52 in a Sweet 16 and Arizona in a Elite Eight 64-63.

April 11: The Madison Police and Fire Commission votes to sinecure Mike Koval, who formerly headed a Madison Police Department’s recruiting and training efforts, to attain former arch Noble Wray as a subsequent arch of police.

April 11: Senate President Mike Ellis, R-Neenah, stung by an clandestine video arrangement him deliberating bootleg discuss tactics, decides not to find re-election, following in a footsteps of Sens. Tim Cullen, Bob Jauch and Dale Schultz, who are also timid after decades in a Legislature.

April 15: The discuss over ridesharing companies, that use smartphone apps to compare riders with drivers regulating their private cars, hits Madison with Uber and Lyft fasten a ranks of Madison’s cab cabs, kicking off a discuss in a state Legislature and City Council over what constitutes a cab cab and how to umpire such services.

April 18: A sovereign appeals justice upholds Act 10, Gov. Scott Walker’s signature Legislation tying a energy of open unions.

April 29: A sovereign decider in Milwaukee throws out Wisconsin’s voter ID law, observant it puts too good a weight on people who do not have a compulsory marker to vote.

May 1: Dane County Sheriff’s deputies fatally fire Dean Caccamo, 50, after he pepper-sprayed another emissary and attempted to take a shotgun from one of them while responding to a domestic occurrence in that Caccamo also harmed his mom and stepfather.

May 2: Madison military fatally fire Londrell Johnson, 33, in an East Washington Avenue unit building after he stabbed 3 people, murdering two, and refused officers’ commands to dump his knife.

May 6: A sovereign decider halts a John Doe review into domestic coordination between a remember discuss of Gov. Scott Walker and several regressive groups. A day later, an appeals row in Chicago finds a decider unsuccessful to follow correct procession and stays a order.

May 17: For a initial time in 25 years, UW-Madison derivation is reason outdoor in Camp Randall Stadium.

May 18: Ashley DiPiazza, 26, is killed by Madison military officers after refusing to dump a installed handgun she had been holding to her conduct inside her Far East Side apartment.

June 6: A sovereign decider strikes down Wisconsin’s inherent anathema on same-sex marriage, call scores of couples to immediately find matrimony licenses in Dane and Milwaukee counties notwithstanding difficulty over either a law is still in effect. A week later, U.S. District Judge Barbara Crabb halts, temporarily stays her preference tentative appeal.

June 17: Severe storms and tornadoes strike several areas of southern Wisconsin, with a many repairs in Platteville, Madison and Verona. The storms, that enclosed 5 graphic tornadoes, means millions of dollars in repairs though few reported injuries.

June 28: Rhythm Booms, Madison’s fireworks extravaganza, takes place along a widen of John Nolen Drive Downtown instead of Warner Park, with observation locations around Lake Monona.

July 17: The state revokes a handling permit of Red Caboose Day Care Center in Madison, alleging a passionate abuse of a 2-year-old by a core proffer and a disaster of employees to news a suspected abuse as compulsory by law. On Aug. 20, a core is authorised to keep a licenses though systematic to compensate $3,000 in fines and and contention to other conditions.

July 22: Black Earth Meats closes after a brawl between a association and encampment of Black Earth officials, who explain a association is a “public nuisance.” In October, a Dane County Circuit decider manners in preference of a association and tosses a bother complaints.

July 31: More than 3 years after a thoroughfare sparked large protests that tangled a Capitol Square, a state Supreme Court upholds a constitutionality of 2011 Act 10, Gov. Scott Walker’s magnitude that neatly curtailed a common negotiate rights of many open workers.

July 31: The Wisconsin Supreme Court upholds a 2011 law corroborated by Republicans requiring electorate to uncover print marker during a polls.

Aug. 12: Mary Burke becomes a initial lady to win a vital celebration gubernatorial assignment in state history, winning a Democratic primary, while Jefferson County district profession Susan Happ wins a Democratic primary for profession general. Both would go on to mislay in a ubiquitous election.

Aug. 22: Former sheriff’s emissary Andrew Steele is arrested in a sharpened deaths of his wife, Ashlee Steele, 39, and her sister, Kacee Tollefsbol, 38, during a couple’s home in Fitchburg.

Sept. 4: A U.S. appeals justice manners that happy matrimony bans in Wisconsin and Indiana violate a U.S. Constitution, though same-sex weddings sojourn on reason as a statute is appealed.

Sept. 12: A sovereign appeals justice in Chicago reinstates Wisconsin’s voter print marker law only hours after judges hear arguments on reactivating a hotly debated law in time for a Nov election.

Sept. 24: A sovereign appeals justice overturns a reduce court’s statute that had stopped a John Doe examine into purported bootleg discuss activity involving Walker’s discuss and some-more than dual dozen Republican and regressive groups. The three-judge row of a 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago also orders a reduce justice to chuck out a lawsuit, filed in Feb by Wisconsin Club for Growth and a director, Eric O’Keefe.

Oct. 6: The U.S. Supreme Court clears a approach for happy and lesbian couples in Wisconsin and 4 other states to legally marry and suffer all a rights and advantages matrimony conferred on heterosexuals.

Oct. 9: In a separate decision, a U.S. Supreme Court manners Wisconsin electorate won’t need a print ID to expel a list on Nov. 4.

Oct. 14: A sovereign decider gives a immature light to campaigns and purportedly eccentric groups to coordinate some domestic activity — legalizing, during slightest temporarily, a form of activity during a heart of a now-stalled John Doe investigation.

Oct. 20: The Edgewater hotel starts a week of grand-opening celebrations following a two-year, $100 million restoration and expansion.

Nov. 4: Gov. Scott Walker wins his third governor’s competition in 4 years in a feat over Democratic challenger Mary Burke. Republican Brad Schimel is also selected to be Wisconsin’s subsequent profession general, and Republicans reason onto a state Senate.

Nov. 7: Despite intense antithesis from many open reserve responders, Dane County dissolves a 911 core house and replaces it with an advisory commission, changeable decision-making energy to a county executive and board.

Nov. 15: John and Tashia Morgridge present $100 million to UW-Madison in an proclamation done during a finish of a initial entertain of a Badgers’ diversion opposite a Nebraska Cornhuskers during Camp Randall Stadium. It is a largest private present in university history.

Nov. 26: State regulators give a go-ahead for Madison Gas Electric to change a rate structure for electricity in 2015, augmenting bound monthly charges from $10.50 to $19 and somewhat dwindling a assign for energy used.

Nov. 28: The spill-plagued Clear Horizons fertiliser estimate plant nearby Waunakee is strike with scarcely 90 purported atmosphere wickedness violations on tip of a line-up of H2O wickedness problems regulators wish a decider to remedy.

Dec. 4: Rhythm Booms, Madison’s largest Fourth of Jul fireworks display, is canceled after a 22-year-run with since of a miss of funding.

Dec. 10: Gary Andersen announces he has supposed a conduct coaching position during Oregon State, withdrawal UW-Madison’s football module after dual years. The subsequent day, Barry Alvarez announces he will manager a Badgers in a Outback Bowl.

Dec. 15: The Madison School District approves a $41 million propagandize comforts referendum for April. The income would go toward record infrastructure improvements.

Dec. 17: The University of Wisconsin chooses Pittsburgh’s Paul Chryst as a subsequent football coach, creation him a 30th conduct manager in UW history.

Dec. 19: A sovereign decider throws out an Obama administration preference to mislay gray wolves in a western Great Lakes segment from a involved class list, putting a hindrance to serve wolf sport and trapping in 3 states, including Wisconsin.

Dec. 27: A array of sharpened incidents clap Madison residents, including reports of shots dismissed in mixed locations that shop-worn skill though caused no injuries.

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