Cosby’s star declare says prosecution spoke about tract to frame

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NORRISTOWN, Pa. (AP) — The arch prosecution during Bill Cosby’s sexual-assault retrial talked about framing a luminary before going to military with her allegations in 2005, a pivotal invulnerability declare testified on Wednesday, a day that also featured prosecutors introducing Cosby’s bomb deposition testimony about giving a 1970s celebration drug to women before sex.

Defense declare Marguerite Jackson, an educational confidant during Temple University, pronounced prosecution Andrea Constand told her she could fashion sexual-assault allegations and “get that money” from a lawsuit, bolstering Cosby’s efforts to uncover Constand finished adult a allegations opposite him to extract a large polite settlement.

Jackson’s comment was immediately challenged by prosecutors, who suggested she wasn’t on a outing on that she says her review with Constand took place.

Jackson’s coming on a declare mount was one of a many rarely expected moments of a retrial that has Cosby, 80, fortifying himself opposite rapist charges that he knocked Constand out with pills and afterwards intimately assaulted her during his suburban Philadelphia home in 2004. Cosby paid Constand scarcely $3.4 million in 2006, and his lawyers call her a “con artist” who set him up.

Earlier Wednesday, a military investigator review a twin of Cosby’s 2005 deposition testimony as prosecutors saved for a really finish of their box Cosby’s possess difference about regulating quaaludes “the same as a authority would say, ‘Have a drink.'”

“Quaaludes occur to be a drug that kids, immature people were regulating to celebration with, and there were times when we wanted to have them only in case,” Cosby testified, according to a transcript.

Cosby was deposed in 2005 and 2006 after Constand sued him. The deposition was dark from open perspective until 2015, when The Associated Press petitioned to have it unsealed, heading prosecutors to free a rapist box and record charges.

Jurors during Cosby’s initial hearing also listened excerpts from a deposition.

In a twin review to a jury Wednesday, a “Cosby Show” star pronounced he performed 7 prescriptions for quaaludes from his alloy in Los Angeles in a 1970s, evidently for a bruise back, yet combined he didn’t use them himself since they finished him tired.

The opiate was criminialized in a U.S. in 1982, a year a lady who testified opposite Cosby, Janice Baker-Kinney, alleges he knocked her out with pills she suspected to be quaaludes and afterwards raped her.

Cosby’s lawyers sought Wednesday to minimize a stress of his quaaludes testimony. Defense profession Kathleen Bliss underscored that many of that testimony pertained to a 1970s, and a military investigator concurred during interrogate that authorities didn’t find quaaludes in a hunt of Cosby’s home after Constand went to police.

For a defense, Jackson recounted a review she pronounced she had with Constand on a highway outing to a University of Rhode Island with a Temple University women’s basketball team, with that Constand was operative as operations director.

After examination a TV news news about a luminary who had been sued over allegations of passionate assault, Jackson said, Constand told her: “Oh, wow, something identical happened to me.” Constand pronounced she never reported a attack since her assailant was a “high-profile person” and she knew she couldn’t infer it, Jackson testified.

Jackson, who pronounced she roomed with Constand on a trip, told jurors she speedy Constand to come forward. She testified Constand afterwards switched gears, saying, “No, it didn’t, yet we could contend it did. we could contend it happened, get that money. we could quit my job. we could go behind to school. we could open adult a business.”

Jackson pronounced a review happened Feb. 1, 2004, a few weeks after Constand says Cosby molested her.

Constand denied rooming with Jackson and testified Monday she didn’t “recall ever carrying a review with” her.

During Jackson’s cross-examination, a prosecutor constructed Temple annals display Jackson’s transport to other divided games yet not to a one during a University of Rhode Island. The invulnerability did not furnish any annals to support Jackson’s explain she was on a trip.

Jackson testified she was wakeful of a 2005 rapist probe, Constand’s successive lawsuit and her large financial allotment with Cosby yet never told anyone in Cosby’s stay even yet Cosby was represented during a time by Patrick O’Connor, a authority of a house during Temple, where Jackson got her grade and has worked for 31 years.

She pronounced a comedian she met on a journey put her in hold with Cosby’s lawyers in Nov 2016. They got to articulate about Cosby after a comedian offering to buy her a splash and promised, “I won’t put anything in it,” she recalled.

“They came in. Took my statement. The whole nine,” Jackson said. “They called me to testify, afterwards they didn’t concede my testimony.”

Judge Steven O’Neill blocked Jackson from holding a mount during Cosby’s initial hearing final year, statute her testimony would be scuttle-butt after Constand told a jury she didn’t know her. That hearing finished but a outcome after jurors deadlocked.

The decider altered his mind about Jackson for a retrial, giving a invulnerability box a outrageous boost.

Outside court, Cosby mouthpiece Ebonee Benson pronounced investigators intentionally abandoned Jackson’s allegations since they’ve “always famous how deleterious this testimony would be.”

The invulnerability box was scheduled to resume Thursday.

Prosecutors wound down their box Wednesday by introducing a comedian’s bomb testimony about giving quaaludes to women before sex, an acknowledgment that’s taken on new stress after a half-dozen women testified progressing in a retrial that he unperceiving and disregarded them, too.

Cosby told military in 2005 that he gave Constand 1 1/2 tablets of a cold and allergy medicine Benadryl to assistance her relax, afterwards fondled her breasts and genitals, according to a military twin review to a jury. He pronounced Constand never told him to stop.

Constand pronounced Cosby knocked her out with a pills, penetrated her with his fingers and guided her palm to his penis.

The Associated Press doesn’t typically brand people who contend they’re victims of passionate attack unless they extend permission, that Constand and Dickinson have done.


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This story has been corrected to uncover Cosby paid scarcely $3.4 million to Constand, not to Jackson.

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