Cordless phone snoops

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Posted: Monday, May 25, 2015 7:00 am

Cordless phone snoops

By Kim Komando

QI have a cordless phone in my city house. we consider my neighbors are listening to my calls. What can we do?

ABuy a new cordless phone. Older cordless phones use an analog vigilance to send information between a handset and bottom station. The customarily thing a snooper needs to do to eavesdrop is get a radio receiver on a right magnitude and get tighten adequate to your residence to collect adult a signal. Not so tough to do. The newest cordless phones use DECT (stands for Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications). This adds encryption and also changes a wireless magnitude to 1.9 Ghz to equivocate division with Wi-Fi, microwaves and other cordless phones. Hackers have burst DECT, though it requires an expensive, high-end radio and other special hardware and software. Your neighbors aren’t going to have entrance to that kind of gear. Fun Fact: DSS (the predecessor to DECT) was co-developed by Hollywood singer Hedy Lamarr during World War II. Click to learn some-more of her implausible story.

Facebook Group page

QI am in assign of my company’s Facebook page though we don’t know what we am doing. Can we come over and assistance me? OK, if not, how about some pointers?

AThere are behind-the-scenes tricks that we need to know to unequivocally move your association Facebook page to life. This includes meaningful what your assembly is doing, anticipating aged posts, saving testimonials, identifying your biggest fans and substantially a many critical tip of all, securing a page. Fortunately, we have a step-by-step beam on my site during BText ColorSwatch/NoneStrokeStyle/$ID/SolidText ColorSwatch/NoneStrokeStyle/$ID/Solid$ID/NothingText ColorText Color$ID/NothingText ColorText Colore certain to “Like” my Facebook page during we gamble we learn a few things there too.

Surge guardian scam

QWe bought a new TV and a sales man insisted a $50 swell guardian to go along with it. we saw a $5 energy support that looked like a same thing. Was a sales man perplexing to slice us off?

AIt’s loyal that some home museum accessories are approach overpriced, though in this box we do wish a some-more costly option. A swell guardian keeps your supportive wiring protected from a unchanging electrical spikes that are partial of any household, along with a rarer vast surges. Cheap energy strips customarily do embody some protection, though in a finish they unequivocally aren’t going to do much. You wish a swell guardian rated for during slightest 1,500 joules.

Minecraft addiction

QI listened we contend on your inhabitant radio uncover that your son plays Minecraft. Mine does too, only all a time. Is anything certain entrance out of this game?

AThere are a few things that make a hours personification Minecraft a small some-more bearable. It does build creativity. Some things Minecraft players have built are truly staggering: large vehicles, perplexing skyscrapers, operative analog computers, and even a whole nation of Denmark accurately to scale. Kids also learn patience, stability and teamwork. we wrote an whole mainstay about this really subject that we can review during

Hit-or-miss hotel Wi-Fi

QI count on hotel Wi-Fi when I’m traveling, though it’s so strike or miss. Is there a approach to know how good a hotel’s Wi-Fi is before we book a room?

AI feel your pain. Check out Hotel Wi-Fi Test and OpenSignal to see Wi-Fi speeds for specific hotels and locations. You’ll wish to check both since one competence have a plcae a other doesn’t. Of course, if you’re in a connect we can always fasten your laptop to your phone and take advantage of your mobile signal. You competence find your mobile speed is some-more unchanging in many cities than Wi-Fi. Be clever what we do on a hotel’s Wi-Fi. Click to learn how criminals use hotel Wi-Fi to meddler on we and how to stop it.

Things to do with aged tech

QI’m upgrading to a new smartphone. My aged one works OK, though it’s removing a small delayed and doesn’t have a newer facilities we want. we found that we wouldn’t get most income by offered it. Is there anything else we can do with it?

AThere are so many things we can do with an comparison smartphone or tablet. You could spin into a confidence camera with giveaway apps like Salient Eye (Android) and Manything (Apple). Make a inscription a digital print support with a giveaway apps Dayframe (Android) or Digital Photo Frame (Apple). That’s only a beginning. Click to make your aged tool into a concept remote, kid-friendly toy, eBook reader and more.

Kim Komando hosts a nation’s largest speak radio uncover about consumer electronics, computers and a Internet. To learn more, revisit Kim’s website during


Monday, May 25, 2015 7:00 am.

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