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December 1, 2014 - photo frame

You don’t go anywhere though your smartphone — it’s your one go-to tool that helps keep we organized, entertained and in hold with those who matter.

Even yet it’s already like a smart, multi-functional Swiss Army Knife, we can get even some-more out of your dear mobile device by picking adult a crafty appendage or two.

Oh sure, you’re good wakeful of protecting cases and engineer headphones, though there are many other crafty add-ons that can assistance enhance a functionality of your phone (or tablet, for that matter).

Look no serve than a following for a handful of estimable — and lesser-known — suggestions, that also make for ideal gifts over a holiday season.

• Have a seat

You suffer holding a bucket off, so since shouldn’t your smartphone? A quirky present thought for a song partner is a aptly named Phoniture ($99.00), a colorful charging hire and Bluetooth orator set designed to demeanour like an armchair with relating ottoman. Drop your smartphone into a chair (vertically or horizontally) and block your charging wire into a USB pier on a back; a chair is afterwards plugged into an AC opening to extract adult your phone. The chair also illuminates a soft, white nightlight, that we can spin off, if desired. The ottoman — er, wireless orator — has a rechargeable battery that lasts adult to 3.5 hours, and it includes an integrated microphone in box a call comes in, and a 3.5mm jack for non-Bluetooth devices. This two-piece Phoniture set is accessible in red, blue or black.

• Tiny tech

Have we been demure to wear a Bluetooth headset since of a distance of a device adhering out of your ear? If so, we competence be penetrating on perplexing a Moto Hint ($149.99), a new Bluetooth headset that’s usually somewhat incomparable than a device Joaquin Phoenix wore in a film Her. Along with a teeny distance (measuring usually 0.95 by 0.70 by 0.74 inches), it’ll also conveniently spin on when we cocktail it into your ear, so we can take calls hands-free, and it turns off when we take it out. Actually, we can keep a Moto Hint in your ear as it offers “pass-through audio,” that means we can still hear a universe around you. Compatible with any Bluetooth-enabled smartphone, a Moto Hint, between a categorical battery and an additional one integrated into a carrying case, offers adult to 10 hours of use, and adult to 100 hours on standby.

• You drive

While “Network Attached Storage” (NAS) competence be one of a geekiest difficulty names of hard-drive products, it does offer many transparent advantages to digital packrats who like to download tons of TV shows, movies, podcasts, music, photos and more. The Seagate Central (from $149 for 2-terabytes) joins your home’s network, and not usually does it automatically backup your PC or Mac’s files for we (and even download Facebook photos and videos), though it lets we share calm to mixed inclination in, around and even outward of your home — from laptops to phones to tablets and diversion consoles to Smart TVs.

• Button up

Are we removing ride cramps while typing prolonged e-mails or papers on a tiny smartphone or inscription screen? The Microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboard ($79.95) is a small, lightweight and wireless keyboard that works seamlessly with a series of mobile devices, including iPhone and iPad, Android and Windows tablets — and it can be interconnected with adult to 3 inclination with a crack of a switch. A detachable keyboard cover translates into a mount to column adult your phone or tablet, while a integrated rechargeable battery provides adult to 6 months of use on a singular charge, says a company.

• Power play

Consider it a granddaddy of all unstable battery chargers: RAVPower Xtreme ($99.99) is a 23,000 milliamp (mAh) backup battery, that has adequate extract to assign an iPhone a dozen times, as good as tablets and even laptops mixed times over. In fact, we can assign 3 opposite inclination during a same time. A tiny shade shows we information, such as when it’s time to block in a RAVPower Xtreme to tip off a charge. Included with a paperback-sized battery are connectors for many opposite kinds of devices, along with a carrying case. Say goodbye to your “wall hugging” days.

• Just face it

Chances are we have photos and videos on mixed devices. Because your memories competence not be stored in one place, it could infer formidable to find something in particular. This is where LyveHome comes in. This $299 tool helps to aggregate, behind up, conduct and perspective your whole print and video collections — and on any device. Consider LyveHome (rhymes with “hive”) a 3-in-1 product: It’s a cloud use for all your photos and videos; an app for your mobile inclination and computers (PC and Mac); and a 2-terabyte tough expostulate with a 5-inch shade in that to see your memories displayed like a print frame, say, on your bureau table or kitchen counter.

• Tasty IoT

Everyone loves cookies, right? Now they can assistance facilitate life for everybody in a household. Wait, what? The initial members of a’s “Mother” family, Cookies are tiny sensors we can place on any series of objects, such as one in your slot that depends your stairs (and calories burned), another in a child’s trek so you’re told when he or she gets home safely and a third in a baby’s hothouse to guard room temperature. As with other “Internet of Things” (IoT) platforms, these tiny inclination guard activity and send notifications to your smartphone. Up to 24 Cookies can be connected concurrently to their Internet-connected Mother — a small, white doll-like supervisor of your connected life. A starter pack costs $299 for one Mother and a box of 4 Cookies.

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