Connor Cornell Wins January’s Photo Challenge

March 14, 2017 - photo frame

As a immature roller grom, 14-15 years old, we was always stoked when we got photos of myself on a internal roller report. So during that time, we became unequivocally meddlesome in roller photography, though never had a apparatus to use it. After articulate my father’s ears off about how we wish to pursue this passion, he bought me my initial DSLR with a inexpensive telephoto lens that didn’t even have an AF system. After that we was hooked. we shot with that camera until a shiver no longer worked. we beheld photography helped me stay artistic and build good friendships with a internal roller community. The some-more we shot, a improved we got and eventually found myself removing jobs and being means to transport a universe doing what we love.

What are a many severe things about sharpened roller pics in your area?

Many surfers/photographers around a universe will never know a onslaught of vital in Florida, generally in a summer months. Wave peculiarity and bloat coherence is unequivocally a biggest plea when shooting. With standard wily conditions, it keeps us on a toes and army us to get artistic in ways to shows a beauty. Also army us to transport if we wish to find good waves, that is never a bad thing.

Who or what do we many like to shoot?

Water photography, hands down. If conditions are manageable, I’ll take sharpened in a H2O over sharpened from land any day. For me it’s a approach to stay in a lineup and share good angles that a standard chairman from seaside wouldn’t be means to see or experience. Heavy tub sections will always be a many beguiling to shoot.

Can we speak about this specific photo? How tough was it to get?

This shot was indeed one of a final frames we grabbed before make-up adult and withdrawal a beach. 24 hours before to a photo, Cody Thompson gave me a ring about filming this bloat that was attack OBX. A few hours after we found myself in a automobile for 10 hours, pushing north on 95. we was indeed sharpened video this whole day and as night tumble came, conditions became enchanting and we couldn’t pass adult snagging a few stills. The conditions were primary and we simply got a small artsy with a shiver on a set peaks down a beach.

What are your goals with roller photography?

With roller photography we unequivocally wish to use it as a apparatus to uncover a oceans beauty. Traveling a universe for something we adore doing is a outrageous idea of cave and roller photography has authorised me to do so. we also like to use it as a apparatus to assistance internal athletes get exposure. In North Florida alone we have so many gifted surfers that unequivocally merit a bearing and but good photographers, those athletes are rather limited.


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