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December 23, 2014 - photo frame

A giveaway printable is accessible during to assistance emanate a pivotal box for Santa, or we can make your own. (Photo by NellieBellie)

A giveaway printable is accessible during to assistance emanate a pivotal box for Santa, or we can make your own. (Photo by NellieBellie)

It was a unhappy Tuesday dusk when Levi detected that a new unit didn’t have a chimney. A serviceable chimney, that is.

Technically, it has a chimney. But it has prolonged given been sealed adult and intoxicated over. He wasn’t shopping a speculation that Santa knew how to magically emanate a grate and make it work.

*sigh* So instead, we was given a charge of receiving a set of keys for Santa. And given we figure many of we are in a same vessel with a chimney-free residence or apartment, we competence find this useful. So if we run into a same problem, we are prepared. And your children don’t caring how imagination we make this. Really! As prolonged as Santa can get in, they are good.

I used these elementary stairs to emanate Santa a key:

  1. Hang a design support from a door. For my version, we used a qualification support from Michaels.
  2. Tie a printable inside a frame. Or fasten it to a door.
  3. Tie a pivotal to a bottom of a frame. we combined some flattering badge to a pivotal to make it even cuter. Easy!

For a printable:

Usually, we make adult a printable of these crafts for a readers, and they imitation it off a website. But you, dear journal readers, don’t have that option! So, we can possibly hunt a website for a online printable … or we can make your own. Just collect any aged Word request and put these difference in (use fun, fonts and colors to make it darling before copy it out and putting it in a frame):

In a home, there’s no chimney.

So Santa, we’re withdrawal we this key.

Sprinkle it with your sorcery dust,

It will let we in with tiny fuss.

Please leave a pivotal for us right here.

We’ll put it out again subsequent year.


Some ideas for personalizing a printable and key:

  • Put a printable inside a design support (probably with Plexiglass front) and hang.
  • Laminate a printable with an additional 4 inches on top. Cut a round in a additional 4 inches to emanate a doorway hanger. Punch a hole in a bottom dilemma and hang a key.
  • Instead of unresolved this on your door, make a mini version. Use a ring folder to supplement a pivotal and a tiny chronicle of a printable. Hide a pivotal in your common pivotal stealing spot. Of march Santa can find it.
  • Tie a printable and pivotal onto your common evergreen Christmas wreath.


Find some-more crafts and recipes during, or stop by NellieBellie’s downtown Stillwater studio during 324 Main St. S. for a crater of coffee — they adore visitors.

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