Color-changing E Ink lets walls come alive

January 6, 2015 - photo frame

E Ink Prism

Do we consider that a walls during your propagandize or bureau usually aren’t lissome enough? E Ink might have a approach to liven things up. Its new Prism element lets buildings subtly change colors and patterns on a spot, but carrying to rest on banks of costly digital displays that hang out like a bruise thumb. It’s some-more than usually charcterised wallpaper, though. It can respond to input, such as a chairman walking by, and even works for seat — suppose a dais that changes a demeanour each day. Prism sips usually a little volume of power, too, so we don’t need to keep things plugged in.

The categorical catch, during slightest right now, is that we can’t buy Prism yourself. E Ink mostly intends Prism for building owners that can means to buy big, made-to-order installations for stores and lobbies. With that said, it’s easy to see a record display adult in decorations and other tools of your home where it wouldn’t harm to debonair things up. Don’t be astounded if we can one day change a art on your vital room wall during a moment’s notice.

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