Collectors, Enthusiasts, Framers Go Crazy In Norwalk Niche For Artists

March 24, 2017 - photo frame

NORWALK, Conn. — A haven for art collectors and enthusiasts, a Artists’ Market in Norwalk is an art store, museum, gallery and framing seminar rolled into one. The store has been in a same family for 40 years and today, it is run by Jeffrey Price.

“This has been a family business given 1971, and we are obvious for a peculiarity of a pattern support pattern and make as good as for a accumulation and peculiarity of a crafts and design we vaunt and sell,” Price told Daily Voice.

Price came to a business after graduating from a University of Connecticut with a grade in art history. The credentials both heightened his appreciation of art though also a ability and enterprise to promulgate about it, he said.

“I have always been drawn to works of complexity and quality, and currently a gallery has several singular exhibitions as good as a gallery full of jewelry, ceramics, blown potion and most most more.”

An whole room is clinging to a striking work of M. C. Escher, a Dutch artist famous for his illusions and tiled pictures.

It is “the usually permanent gallery of his work in a world,” pronounced Price.

Also singular is a gallery’s “Artists’ Bookplate Museum,” that is a collection of tiny personal prints, mostly combined to brand a tenure of books. The form of art was popular from 1880 to 1950, Price said.

“You won’t find a collection like that anywhere else, either.”

Display of customers’ design and cinema in a gallery prominence a craftsmanship of a store’s framework. The framers, pronounced Price, have over 50 years experience.

Artists’ Market Inc. is located during 163 Main St., Norwalk. For information, call 203-846-2550. Click


for a website.

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