Clock Kills Time by Destroying Itself

December 11, 2014 - photo frame

Time Killer is a time with a genocide wish. When it detects that there are no people around it, a time will start sawing itself in half and stops usually when it senses someone walking into a room. The pattern gives a different, morbidly verbatim definition to “killing time”.


The origination is partial of Weng Xinyu’s graduation project. It facilities suppositional designs for common domicile items. The set is entitled “Good Medicine Tastes Bitter I,” an proverb from Chinese philosopher Confucius.


The collection also includes a “Angry Lamp” that was designed to spin itself off when not needed. Instead of regulating a house to control a energy switch, Xinyu uses automatic arm that pulls on a switch to a spin a flare off. This exaggerates a auto-off feature, gnawing during users to be aware of branch off a light before withdrawal a room. Aside from this feature, a flare also decides for itself on a liughtness of a light it will emit. The flare uses sensors to consider a lighting conditions in a plcae and responds with a suitable light intensity.


Another object in a collection is “Tangible Memory,” a pattern frame, that is only as satirical as a “Time Killer.” The print support blurs a print over time when left alone. If a user picks adult a support and touches a photo, a support will whet again. In essence, a support literally blurs memory if they are left unnoticed.


Shadow Play is another flare from a collection. As a name suggests, a flare is designed to emanate and showcase relocating shadows imitative plants. The hypnotizing movement, expected caused by a feverishness from a bulb, emanate a realistic display. According to a creator, a flare displays a “poetic interplay between light and shadow.”

His prior projects embody El Nino, an adorable desktop drudge that sends preset emotions or alarms to other robots around a internet. Xinyu envisions El Nino for use by long-distance couples.

Weng Xinyu is creatively from Zhejiang, China and is now formed in Berlin. He graduated from a Bauhaus University Weimar and delves into product design, focusing on romantic and interactive products.

Weng Xinyu

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