Cleveland Browns’ Countdown to Kickoff: Ravens have home field, proclivity …

December 28, 2014 - photo frame

BALTIMORE, Md. – Countdown to Kickoff: Browns (7-8) during Ravens (9-6), 1 p.m. during MT Bank Stadium…

5. Connor Shaw, we frequency know ye. But we know a unfolding usually too well. For what seems like a 17th time in 16 seasons, a Browns will go to a handle with their No. 3 quarterback.

Actually, it’s a sixth time given 1999 though who’s counting besides everyone? Shaw hasn’t played given August. Optimists – if there are any remaining after a latest Josh Gordon cessation — would contend a Browns will have a quarterback with a uninformed arm and uninformed legs. Realists see disaster.

4. Shaw, Part II: Who knew there’d even be a Connor Shaw, Part we this season? The thought that Shaw’s start could presumably support a destiny of Johnny Manziel – meaning, if Shaw shows adult better, it could demeanour even worse for Manziel – is OK as distant as it goes. But what’s a unsentimental application? They cut Manziel and keep Shaw formed on one start? That’s an even smaller representation distance than Manziel’s 7 quarters.

Manziel can usually be judged on his own. And opportunely for him he’s a No. 1 breeze pick. Without that investment, he’d be gone.

3. Holiday follies. The Browns’ record after Dec 1 is ridiculously bad. And that’s holding into comment a late-season games won by Eric Mangini that kept him in a pursuit prolonged adequate to be dismissed a year later.

What we have here is a horrific tradition of spoiling everyone’s Christmas and New Year’s celebrations. That can’t change in one late Dec Sunday. But winning a final diversion to equivocate nonetheless another losing deteriorate is during slightest a mystic gesture. Give it a try.

2. If Jimmy Haslam hadn’t just dismissed a conduct manager after one year, he competence be tempted to do it again. Not that Mike Pettine deserves it. It’s only that an already desirous and flame-turned-up-to-boil owners has been handed an event by a events of a past week.

Manziel revelation he didn’t work tough enough. Veterans job out Justin Gilbert for a squandered season. Terrance West sitting out a 15th diversion of a season, that creates we doubt how many he’s learned? It might not be chaos, though it looks like chaos. And mostly somebody pays a cost for that. Pettine says he’s on a same page with Haslam. For his sake, we wish so.

1. Pettine could finish adult looking improved Sunday if it’s apparent his group has kept a concentration and not started forgetful of tee times and beaches and – in a box of some — Vegas.  Suspending and fining players who mangle group manners can make a manager demeanour plain and value ancillary to his veterans. That might not be a many accurate barometer. Since a Ravens are a improved group and need to win to have any possibility during a postseason, a Browns could be behind Pettine and still remove by dual touchowns. we don’t consider they will. But afterwards again, look during my record.

Ravens 20, Browns 13.

p.s. And lest we concede a 50th anniversary of a final Cleveland pretension to finish but being reminded what a championship group looks like, here we go:

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