ClearStream View Wall-Frame HDTV Antenna Review: Nearly Picture Perfect

February 6, 2018 - photo frame

TV antennas are a nauseous ducklings of consumer electronics. No one wants to see them stranded on a wall or swinging from a ceiling. Unfortunately, stealing an receiver behind seat or a TV harms a performance: To accept stations clearly, antennas have to be out in a open. So Antennas Direct devised an engaging resolution for a ClearStream View model.

Looking like something one competence buy during Hobby Lobby, a $70 ClearStream View is a large, black pattern support with cutouts for family photos. Concealed in a behind is a prosaic HDTV antenna.   

Design: Take a pattern (or two)

The ClearStream View emphasizes design. The cosmetic 14.25 x 18.75 support can fit in with any kind of taste (it can even be painted), and it hangs on a singular offshoot or nail. The white collage mat, into that we insert personal photos or artistic endeavors, can accommodate 9 cinema trimming from 3.5 x 3.5 inches to 3.5 x 5 inches. You could also simply put one large, say, Monet imitation in a frame.

It’s a simple-yet-elegant approach of concealing an HDTV antenna, that can be an nauseous member on a svelte flat-screen TV. However, a ClearStream View still retains a tail: a black coaxial wire that attaches it to your TV.  On a other hand, a granted coaxial wire is 15 feet long, giving we some leisure as to where to place it for a best accepting (and print viewing).

Additionally, a ClearStream View includes a USB wire for a energy adapter. The in-line adapter is rated to broach a 20-decibel vigilance boost.

Channels Received: 33
Range: 50 miles
1080p reception: Yes
Cable length: 15 feet
Size: 14.25 x 18.75 x 1.1 inches

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Performance: Modest accepting numbers

To exam a ClearStream View, we used a same Samsung KS9000 4K TV and New York City plcae that we occupy to exam all HDTV antennas.

An initial indicate of a promote options returned a sum of 52 stations. But an comment of any of a channels suggested that usually 33 of a stations could be noticed consistently. Those channels enclosed all of a vital networks’ internal affiliates, including a ABC channel that offers less-than-perfect accepting coverage in a area. Channels trimming from a CBS hire in 1080i to rerun-speciality stations in 480p, such as Buzzr, also looked frail and clear.

Stations that were blank from a ClearStream View’s accepting form tended to be those with weaker and smaller footprints. None of a internal entrance channels, such as NYCgov, came in with any reliability, for example. A integrate of channels featuring aged TV Westerns, like Death Valley Days, also valid unwatchable.

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Bottom Line

Overall, a Antennas Direct ClearStream View receiver incited in normal performance. Its singular pattern is unequivocally a categorical attraction, and it is labelled comparably to a favorite and also attractively designed amplified antenna, a Mohu Curve. Nevertheless, a View doesn’t have a attraction of a Curve, nonetheless it still pulls in a important series of stations compared with inexpensive and some-more overt flat indoor antennas.

Credit: Antennas Direct

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