Capitol Insider: Ohio House Speaker Rosenberger neutral on e-school funding

December 25, 2016 - photo frame

House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger, R-Clarksville, didn’t offer critique of ECOT or Ohio’s other
online schools as they onslaught to clear their enrollment numbers and face a awaiting of
repaying tens of millions of dollars to a state.

ECOT faces amends of some-more than $60 million of a $106 million in state appropriation it received
last year. The Department of Education dynamic that
most students didn’t come tighten to removing a 920 hours of “learning
opportunities” compulsory by a state
. Eight other e-schools also face appropriation repayments.

“There’s dual sides to any story,” Rosenberger told Reporter Jim Siegel. “There’s a lot some-more to
dive into to see where these things go. What are a resources to that a e-schools are
judged and how does that impact e-schools? What are a resources to that a Ohio Department
of Education has weighed on them? Also, what is a outcome it has on a open schools, too? There
is still a lot to be discussed.”

There will be meetings, he said, to establish a trail forward.

State Auditor Dave Yost has suggested that a state go to
performance-based funding, in that e-schools are paid formed on explanation that students
are indeed learning
. Rosenberger did not validate a idea. “Performance-based appropriation is
something that was out there for a while, and we’ll continue to demeanour during and promote either that
will work for e-schools or not.”

ECOT owner William Lager is one of a largest particular contributors to Republican
legislative campaigns.

Journalist praises Portman campaign

Sen. Rob Portman, R-Ohio, and then-campaign manager Corry Bliss, have a fan in The Washington
Post’s Chris Cillizza.

The D.C. publisher bestowed his “best campaign” endowment final week on Team Portman, that cruised
to a 21-point win over incompatible Democrat Ted Strickland in a Nov. 8 election.

“There are a lot of reasons that Republicans hold a Senate this fall. But Portman’s candidacy
in Ohio is a singular many critical one. Portman took a clearly rival competition in a swing
state and put it out of strech by Labor Day,” Cillizza wrote. “At a start of a election, Portman
looked to be in genuine difficulty … quite given that a Trumpization of a GOP was a direct
opposite of a buttoned-down, investiture print child Portman.”

“Of anybody, he has had a toughest tightrope to travel between Kasich, Clinton, and Trump,”
Randy Evans, a Republican inhabitant committeeman, told a National Review’s Eliana Johnson in
September. “Somebody should write a text usually formed on his campaign, since that is how you
run a Senate campaign.”

Portman did indeed lift off a ethereal dance, given a mutual dislike between a Trump and
Kasich camps. Portman gave Trump his due respect, though usually when asked, while centering his campaign
on his possess record and proposals. Portman managed to lift off an whole debate though once
appearing onstage — or even in a same print support — as Trump.

Workers challenged on vacation-day pay

A news by Ohio Inspector General Randy J. Meyer resolved that 18 state employees received
$47,660 in additional compensate for new vacation time.

Meyer cited a state law prohibiting state employees from being paid for some-more 80 hours of
vacation time any year even if their pursuit mandate forestall them from regulating that time.

Based on a censure from Gov. John Kasich’s office, Meyer investigated 9 state agencies,
finding 18 employees who were paid for some-more than 80 hours of new vacation time. There were no
criminal charges, and no fortify was recommended, though Meyer pronounced a agencies should determine
whether employees should be compulsory to repay a money.

In some cases, a employees in doubt used hundreds of hours of saving time before
seeking remuneration for new vacation time.

The Department of Administrative Services, a business arm of state government, has 60 days to
respond to a investigation.

Meyer pronounced Administrative Services should emanate a state process per payouts for unused
vacation time since not all agencies were wakeful of a 80-hour rule.

“The use of group administrators permitting employees to strech a limit turn of accrued
vacation time and afterwards denying their vacation leave so they can collect a money remuneration could
potentially aria group budgets,” Meyer wrote in his investigation.


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