Canon Announces a 50-Megapixel DSLR and All-New Flagship Rebels

February 7, 2015 - photo frame

Canon EOS 5DS R

The 50-megapixel EOS 5DS R has a full-frame sensor and lacks an anti-aliasing filter. Canon

In a run adult to subsequent week’s CP+ print uncover in Yokohama, Japan, Canon has announced a small something for everyone. Two new full-frame DSLRs will pull design fortitude to confidant new heights, while a span of new EOS Rebel DSLRs are expected to make some critical mainstream waves.

Canon also teased a long-zoom reward compress that looks like it will use a same 1-inch-type Sony sensor found in that company’s RX array cameras. It’s expected to be a constrained choice to Sony’s possess RX10, and we customarily wish we knew some-more about it.

New Full-Frame DSLRs Crack a 50-Megapixel Mark

Starting during a tip reaches of sensor distance and resolution, a new EOS 5DS and EOS 5DS R are a latest additions to Canon’s veteran full-frame stable. Both cameras have 50.6-megapixel sensors; a categorical disproportion is that a 5DS has a moire-busting visual low-pass filter (OLPF), while a 5DS R does not. It’s a trend that started with Nikon’s D800/D800E DSLRs a few years back, a thought being that a miss of an anti-aliasing filter creates images sharper.

These new Canon DSLRs set a new bar for fortitude compared to those 36.3-megapixel Nikons—and each other full-frame DSLR, for that matter. There are a few medium-format Hasselblad cameras with even higher-resolution sensors—they go for tens of thousands of dollars—but a 5DS array is winning a fortitude competition for a full-frame set.

The new models will lay right next a flagship EOS-1D X in Canon’s DSLR lineup, and they’ll cost a few thousand dollars reduction than that highest-end indication when they turn permitted in June. The EOS 5DS is labelled during $3,700 for a physique only, while a OLPF-free 5DS R will cost $3,900.

Rebel, Rebel: Two New APS-C DSLRs With Different Specialties

Canon EOS Rebel T6s

The more-affordable Rebel T6s (pictured) and T6i have smaller APS-C sensors, yet they’re also distant some-more permitted to many photographers. Canon

Canon is also bursting a APS-C-sensored Rebel T lineup into somewhat anomalous paths, yet this time a disproportion is video capabilities. The 24.2-megapixel EOS Rebel T6s and EOS Rebel T6i both constraint 1080p video during 30fps and 24fps, yet a higher-priced T6s offers an HDR video mode and a few extras, according to Canon. The association says a T6s has deeper primer controls in video mode and a mic-in port, yet a spec sheets for both cameras are a bit reduction clear. (I’ve asked for details.)

The T6s does have a few some-more differences, including an electronic level, an LCD row adult tip to arrangement bearing and battery-life info, and a opposite control intrigue than a T6i—the vital disproportion is that a mode dial is transparent on a other side of a camera. Beyond that, they’re flattering most identical, with 19-point phase-/contrast-detection autofocus systems, ISO settings that operation adult to 12,800, a tip shiver speed of 1/4000 of a second, and a continuous-shooting shave of 5fps. Both cameras also have flip-and-swivel LCD touchscreens, as good as built-in Wi-Fi and NFC features.

There’s one some-more disproportion with a Rebel T6s, and it’s a container configuration. The higher-end indication will come with a stabilized 18-135mm/F3.5-5.6 container lens for $1,200 during a finish of April. The T6i will come bundled with your customary 18-55mm/F3.5-5.6 container lens for $900.

Coming Soon? A Big-Sensored 25X Premium Compact Camera

Canon PowerShot G3 X

The arriving PowerShot G3 X looks like it’ll offer an forlorn multiple of sensor distance and optical-zoom reach. We don’t know most about it yet, though. Canon

Canon didn’t strictly announce a PowerShot G3 X this week, yet it did make a camera central by confirming that it’s in a works. The new further to a company’s reward fixed-lens lineup will offer a longest visual operation in a G array with a 25x (24-600mm) wizz lens.

Compact cameras with that kind of strech customarily have smaller (1/2.3-inch-type) sensors, yet this one will container a same distance sensor as Sony’s RX100 and RX10 array cameras. The customarily identical camera in terms of sensor distance and visual wizz is a RX10 itself, and it has a significantly tighter wizz operation (8.3X, 24-200mm).

The sensor distance and a wizz operation are all that have been suggested for now, yet there’s a design that reveals a arriving camera will have a large grip, a dedicated exposure-compensation dial, built-in Wi-Fi and NFC, and an tractable LCD screen. There’s no recover date, no price, and critical things like limit aperture, sensor resolution, and a distance of a camera are all still a mystery.

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