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February 1, 2015 - photo frame

WILKES-BARRE — Patrick Moreton pronounced he would like to have family reunions during a park in a summer with cruise tables and volleyball nets.

Instead, his family has collected for 9 years during a Luzerne County Courthouse on Jan. 31, a anniversary of a genocide of his daughter, Patricia Moreton, who was fatally stabbed on Jan. 31, 2006.

It is an annual tradition family and friends are dynamic to continue until a chairman obliged for a genocide of a 35-year-old mom is brought to justice. Indeed, in annoy of a sub-freezing temperatures, hearts seemed warmed as candles were illuminated in observance of a sister, daughter, aunt and friend.

Moreton, of Buffalo, New York, retained a print montage that decorated Patricia, smiling, spending time with her siblings, sitting with her mom and shouting with friends.

“This isn’t something that we consider about once in a while, this is something a members of a family face any singular day,” pronounced Cathy Stephens, Patricia’s sister. “At a birth of any new family member, on birthdays, graduations, we demeanour during any other and contend ‘Patty would have been so ecstatic’.”

Stephens pronounced a eventuality is critical on several levels.

“Most importantly, a is an event to remember my sister,” pronounced Stephens. “But it also a possibility to move open courtesy to a box so a torpedo could be held and a family can get probity and closure.”

The genocide was ruled a homicide, though no one was ever charged. Family members pronounced they have no thought because Patricia was murdered or who committed a crime.

“We trust that if a torpedo killed once that he would kill again,” pronounced Moreton, “because he thinks he can get divided with it.”

Both Moreton and Stephens pronounced they trust a military have mishandled a case.

“At one point, several officers indicated they had some evidence,” pronounced Stephens. “But it seems as if they unsuccessful to follow through.”

“Someone, somewhere, knows something that can assistance us locate Patricia’s killer.” pronounced Moreton, “I consider people need to overcome fear and find a bravery to come brazen and tell us what they know.”

“In a meantime, we intend to keep entertainment any year until we have justice,” pronounced Stephens.

The family pronounced they are praying for closure and peace, anticipating subsequent year they can finally reason their reunion in a park.

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