Can a 4K shade and relocating art revitalise digital design frames? The Klio hopes so

November 16, 2015 - photo frame

The year was 2012, and digital design frames were expected to take a vital room by storm. The frames were usually LCDs surrounded by musical timber and metal, and were advertised as innovative replacements for boring, static printed photos. But consumers didn’t bite. U.S. sales of digital print frames dropped from $159.4 million in 2011 to $88.6 million in 2012, and by 2014, a series of digital print support models on a marketplace decreased by a whopping 77 percent.

Those numbers competence shock any association meditative about entering a electronic frame market, though not Earlier this month, a art sell hulk threw its shawl into a ring with Klio, a wall-mounted digital art frame.

Early digital frames suffered from a innumerable of shortcomings. Some frames were unintuitive, lacking any arrange of wireless connectivity and requiring an SD Card or USB expostulate to bucket images. Others sported disappointingly low-resolution displays and massive plastic shells. Many had complicated software that done even a simplest of tasks, such as scheduling a slideshow, complicated chores.

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Klio, a product of’s initial Labs division, was designed privately to address those shortcomings. Boiled down to basics, it’s a far-reaching though skinny (the largest indication measures 47 x 31 x 3 inches), wall-mounted 4K LED arrangement that downloads photos and design around a Wi-Fi connection. It stores design data in a cloud and caches it locally as needed, runs a mutated chronicle of Google’s Android handling system, and can be managed through a messenger app for iOS devices.

But a Klio is most some-more than a sum of a parts, CTO Nosas Topakas told Digital Trends. Unlike a digital art frames of yore, it isn’t meant to reinstate existent art; rather, it’s dictated to augment it with new forms. “[Klio] is an ongoing, ambient knowledge that can be a permanent tie in any room in the house,” pronounced Topakas.

Much of that experience involves motion. One form is Chrono Art, or “digital narratives” comprising video and stills that reveal over a march of days, weeks, months, or even years. Morph Art facilities subtle, astonishing changes in still life canvases, such as a figure rising from a tiny cottage or light appearing from over a mountainside. And Chrono Art reflects a thoroughfare of time in any series of playful ways. Tokapas described an illustration of a London skyline with a prominent, changeable Big Ben time face. In another, drizzling lines of soppy paint indicate seconds, minutes, and hours.

Klio_Home screen

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Choosing between artwork is rubbed mostly by wireless remote. From a settings menu, playlists of design — still art, suit art, and videos adult to 4K in fortitude — can be managed and edited, and particular pieces selected, noted as favorites, or deleted.

You can upload personal design and photos around a app, or select from’s digital catalog. The storefront prominently highlights a rotating series of collections. While eccentric artists use mediums such as amicable media for promotion, Klio allows their work to be featured as home decor, that competence beget a following.

The Klio as competence be a Trojan Horse for eccentric artists, though it competence shortly turn more: a source of livelihood. A business indication hadn’t yet been finalized, but that will start experimenting with “limited edition” digital design in a nearby future. And while all digital pieces are now accessible to Klio owners as partial of a $10 per month subscription, a company envisions energetic — though savoury — per-piece pricing down a road.

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That’s good news, since the Klio isn’t cheap. The digital frame starts during $1,000 and tops out during $2,500 for limited edition models with frames of reclaimed timber and metal. It’s a high indicate of entry, though one that Topakas adamantly defends. The 4K arrangement — a by distant a biggest cost driver — is “[essential] to this form of art and format,” he said. “It draws we in. You wish to come closer and look, and a high resolution makes for a pleasing experience.”

A digital frame’s hardware is important, though a approach in that a design it displays is acquired and cultivated is even some-more interesting. Klio puts height front and center, and with a foundations of a stretchable storefront and innovations like Morph Art, seems off to a good start.

You can sequence a Klio by its official website.

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