Can 3D copy reinvent a bicycle? Latest innovations from Reynolds and AREVO

July 14, 2018 - photo frame

Reynolds, a UK manufacturer of bicycle frames and components, is regulating steel 3D copy record to rise a operation of customizable immaculate steel and titanium frame-parts.

With this range, Reynolds will streamline prolongation processes for support builders in a cycling industry.

Titanium support components from Reynolds. Photo around Bikeradar/Jack Luke.

Additively made bespoke bicycles

With over a century of experience, Reynolds has seen a changeable direct for customizable bicycles for road, touring, and towering expeditions. Avid riders wanting to erect a personalized bicycle would ordinarily go to support builders with purchased groupsets – an orderly collection of mechanical bicycle tools – for bicycle assembly.

However, with a capabilities of 3D copy immaculate steel and titanium, support builders can emanate singular components and bicycle frames with condensed prolongation processes. These customized components,  that would differently be commercially unavailable, can be built to urge a cyclist’s roving experience.

A immaculate steel antecedent prosaic mountain castaway from Reynolds. This is a tiny add-on of steel on a expostulate side of a bike where a back circle is anchored. Photo around Bikeradar/Jack Luke.

Streamlining bike-frame production 

Using steel 3D printing, Reynolds’ streamlined prolongation routine enables support tools with cleaner edges and tighter tolerances. This removes a metering routine for tubes on a bicycle – a time-consuming routine for a support builder.

Reynolds has also identified an augmenting direct for production-run, semi-custom steel framesets. This is where a new operation of tools will develop within 3D prolongation as there will no longer be a need for dear prolongation processes involving record and emery cloth operative on lugs and primer hacksawing.

3D copy also enables a prolongation of distant some-more perplexing shapes than is probable with casting or forging. This allows a construction of inner pockets, that reduces a bicycle support weight and binds inner cables.

Less time and income spent on normal processes can afterwards be translated into an aesthetically-pleasing, affordable, and high-performing bicycle.

3D-printed stainless-steel support from British bicycle tubing specialists, Reynolds. Photo around Bikeradar/Jack Luke.

The initial 3D printed carbon-fiber eBike

Also noticing a advantages of 3D copy record for cycling is Arevo, a software-controlled further prolongation association based in Santa Clara. With an estimated $12.5 million lifted in appropriation for its multi-axis robotic further prolongation platform, Arevo has combined a world’s initial battery-assisted, all-terrain bike regulating a 3D CO fiber frame.

“We have combined a new model for prolongation that empowers businesses to emanate and source products locally by leveraging advancements in energetic program and automation,” pronounced Jim Miller, CEO of Arevo.

“The growth of a eBike has proven that we can 3D imitation a new product when needed, during a low cost and focus a prolongation routine – significantly slicing down on a routine and time it has taken historically to emanate bike frames.”

In addition,  BMW Group recently leveraged steel 3D copy record to emanate the highly-complex framework of a BMW S1000RR motorcycle.

With a assistance of 3D copy and intelligent materials, a destiny of bicycle prolongation and pattern will continue to progress.

AREVO’s 3D printed ebike frame. Photo around AREVO.

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Featured picture shows 3D printed stainless-steel support from British bicycle tubing specialists, Reynolds. Photo around Bikeradar/Jack Luke.

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