Camera companies concentration on new modernized models during European print show

September 19, 2014 - photo frame

Almost all of a vital camera companies have introduced during slightest one modernized camera—either an SLR, a mirrorless SLR-like, or an modernized point-and-shoot—at this year’s hulk photography show, Photokina, in Cologne, Germany. Here are a few of a many important announcements.

Samsung’s new mirrorless NX1, $1,500 with 16-50mm pack lens, is a company’s new flagship modernized camera. It includes a 28.2-megapixel APS-C-sized sensor, wireless facilities (including NFC capabilities), and a ability to glow off 15 frames per second during full resolution. It’s also Samsung’s initial indication that will be means to glow 4K video, for observation on ultra HDTVs.

Panasonic has introduced a high-end modernized point-and-shoot, a Lumix DMC-LX100, $900, that includes a vast 12.8-megapixel micro four-thirds sized picture sensor and a high peculiarity 24-74mm f/1.7-2.8 Leica lens. Like a new Samsung model, this wireless point-and-shoot can constraint 4K video. The association also includes a nine-blade orifice diaphragm, that it says will produce some-more appreciative effects in photos that have shoal abyss of margin (particularly in a confused sections of such photos).  

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Nikon’s new 24.3-megapixel D750 SLR, $2,300 (body only), is a fifth full-frame indication a association has recently introduced. (Full frame means a camera’s sensor is really large, about 24mm x 36mm, or a distance of a slip of 35mm film.) Nikon now has some-more full-frame SLRs in a lineup than APS-C-sized SLRs, that are cheaper cameras with smaller sensors. The new Nikon is a initial full-frame Nikon with a swiveling 3.2-inch LCD. It also has a 51-point autofocus complement and can glow off 6.5 frames per second during full resolution.

Canon has updated one of a many renouned SLRs: The new 20.2-megapixel EOS 7D Mark II ($1,800 physique usually or $2,150 with an 18-135mm pack lens) can constraint 10 frames per second during full fortitude and it has a 65-point autofocus complement for spot-on quick focusing, according to Canon. It also includes a innovative twin pixel CMOS AF system, that Canon says will assistance in accurate focusing in video capture.

What’s transparent from these product introductions is that notwithstanding indolent sales in scarcely all camera segments, manufacturers trust that there are still business for cameras charity a best peculiarity and many versatility, such as SLR, mirrorless, and modernized point-and-shoots.

—Terry Sullivan

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