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October 1, 2014 - photo frame

GRAND RAPIDS, MI — You solemnly lift behind a crawl on a biggest sire you’ve ever seen, lax a arrow and start a celebration.

What’s a subsequent thing we should do?

Send we photos to MLive!

The Michigan crawl deteriorate starts Wednesday and we’d like to underline your deer sport photos in an outside print gallery.

Whether or not we get a buck, sire or share some good times during deer camp, make certain to take some photos.

I’ll be essay about opening day and would adore to hear about your hunt, either we get a deer or not.

Please send we photos to Cory Olsen during and embody a word “Deer” in a theme line of a email.

We’d like to know your initial and final name, age, how many points (if it’s a buck), county a deer was taken in, and a small about how it all happened.

Feel giveaway to send mixed photos.

All suitable submissions will be combined to a deer sport gallery via a week.


• Photographers – Keep your behind to a object or light source.

• Let a light in – Tip that ball top adult a small bit so we can see your eyes.

• Get close – Don’t be fearful to get within 5 feet so we can see a hunter’s face.

• Go straight – Turn a camera adult to get some good portraits of a hunter’s face above a deer’s head.

• Try a flash, it can’t hurt – Even a peep on some dungeon phones works flattering well. Try it out on half of your pictures.

• Backgrounds, backgrounds, backgrounds – Please don’t take a print in front of your rubbish cans. Turn a deer around and use a woods or margin as a background.

• Don’t forget to focus – Many dungeon phones let we concentration on your theme by touching a design on a screen. Get a hunter and deer in a frame, hold a hunter’s face on a display, afterwards click!

• Steady as she goes – You’re excited, we should be! But if you’re shaking, try to gaunt adult opposite a tree or lay on a belligerent to keep a camera steady.

• No tongues – It usually takes a few seconds. hang a deer’s tongue behind in a mouth. Everyone will appreciate you.

• Let’s keep it purify – Take a few mins to clean divided any blood that’s manifest on a physique of a deer. Don’t have a towel? Grab some leaves.

• More is better – Take copiousness of pictures. You’ll expected usually get one good event to constraint thay genuine smile. Three cinema is not enough. Take 10, heck, take 20.

Follow Cory Olsen on Twitter or email him at

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