Building a Cold Frame

November 14, 2014 - photo frame

Building a cold support was final weekend’s devise during a residence and we did it in a scrape of time, only before a cold blast of arctic atmosphere and many inches of sleet strike us this week.

Although we built a winter greens hoop garden a few years ago and it is operative to furnish winter greens like a attract (see my post about that here), my idea was to do a tumble gardening devise regulating a salvaged potion I’d saved years ago to make a cold frame.

Being in town, unfortunately, a neighbor to a south has a lot full of outrageous disproportionate trees that shade a residence in a wintertime, therefore my selected “best” mark site for this mini-greenhouse isn’t perfect, though will get a few hours a day of object on balmy winter days. The mark happens to be sandwiched between a petrify drive and a house.

First, we took a outing to a neighbor’s dumpster where they are deconstructing partial of a residence and picked adult a integrate pieces of timber there, and then, we headed to a fanciful Boulder Resource Center (recycled village materials) to demeanour around. It was a propitious day there, since we found 3 ideal sized lengths of redwood that finished adult being accurately what we indispensable for a project.

The initial photo, below, shows a devise in a early stages. Designing a box with a materials during palm was a hardest partial and we took a good understanding of caring and time in a formulation stage. To erect it, my father did a sawing and we got to have fun regulating a electric screwdriver.

This print shows a devise over along, with potion in place. Careful measuring has paid off nicely.

Finally, a box is in place. Since this print was taken, I’ve sunk it’s edges into a ground, found an aged thermometer to put inside, and started a few spinach seeds as an experiment. we built rows of bricks opposite a behind wall and devise to place a few aged divert cartons inside that are filled with H2O as additional feverishness sinks. The building is already lonesome in tiny rocks that should also assistance keep feverishness for this pacifist solar mini-greenhouse.

It seems to be flattering good staid that a cosmetic hoop residence works best for flourishing winter greens in a area and if we consider about it, potion conducts cold a lot improved than cosmetic does. Eliot Coleman layers cosmetic with success in Maine’s cold winters. My devise is an examination and we wish to try a few things though mostly we wish it for starting seeds subsequent spring. we already consider we should have done it taller so it could residence some brief tomatoes, though we will work with what we have. The potion panes slip detached easily to opening it when it gets too prohibited inside and we will possibly move a cold-sensitive seed starts indoors or chuck a sweeping over a support on a colder open nights.

Whew. Got it finished only in time. The sum cost was about 6 bucks for this salvaged-materials project.

NOTE: As we post this, a outside heat is 27F and a cold frame’s thermometer is display 85F after a object strike it an hour ago. Later… 100. Wow.

Also recommended, this prior post: Extend Your Growing Season with Simple Backyard Coldframes or Hoop Gardens.

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