Broadway Glass & Mirror Family Reflects On History

August 31, 2015 - photo frame

Reflecting on their family’s longevity in a industry, brother-sister twin Ron DeWolf and Denise DeWolf are celebrating a 60th anniversary of Broadway Glass Mirror Inc.

Their grandparents — Verta and James DeWolf — purchased a business in 1955, vital in a bungalow behind a emporium for many years before eventually ripping their home down to make some-more sell space. They trust a story goes that a cousin, Walt Paddleford, creatively started a association in a garage opposite a travel about a decade before that, yet a DeWolfs were a ones who unequivocally grew a family legacy.

Ron DeWolf pronounced his grandparents primarily offering elementary potion deputy for residences as good as automobile potion correct and replacement. Although a potion and counterpart business hasn’t altered dramatically by a years, they eventually stopped doing automobile potion and instead ventured into a blurb locus in a late 1980s. The association still offers a operation of services, from designation of potion showering doors in new unit complexes to slicing potion for an particular design frame.

“We never contend no,” Denise DeWolf said. “We come and demeanour during it, and we figure out a approach to do what a business need.”

About 20 employees work for a association between strange sell emporium on Broadway nearby Lindero Avenue and a warehouse/dispatch core on a west side of town. Also, a family owns Mac’s Glass Mirror Inc. in San Pedro.

“We’re a $3 million to $4 million association during this point, and we have a versatile operation of services that assistance keep adult bustling even in tough times,” Ron DeWolf said. “Our largest plan to date was a $1.5 million blurb plan that indispensable tradition interior showering doors.” 

Ron DeWolf, who grew adult unconditional a building there, pronounced his family indispensable his assistance right after he graduated high propagandize since his grandfather got ill and couldn’t keep working. So, a teen forsaken his skeleton to turn a military officer and started using a family business.

Denise DeWolf, who is a approved open accountant, was an equal partner with her hermit for many years before stepping behind a tiny bit. But she pronounced she couldn’t stay away, and loves operative with her tiny brother. 

Nowadays, she manages a sell side of a business, running business by a salon of windows, mirrors vast adequate to fill an whole wall and showering displays — some of a renouned sellers.

“We make a good team,” Ron DeWolf said. “Denise unequivocally maintains a internal participation and remembers a customers. When a regulars lift adult their automobile here, we see them and have already asked someone to have a element prepared to take to their car.”



ALL IN THE FAMILY. Ron DeWolf and Denise DeWolf, a hermit and sister team, mount outward Broadway Glass Mirror Inc.

-—Gazette print by Ashleigh Ruhl

They pronounced they have a unique, tiny town-style attribute on a sell side of things with their Long Beach business that has kept them rival even yet large box stores infrequently offer identical services. And, their expansion into a blurb side of a business is something Ron DeWolf has focused on, with hopes to grow that side even more.

Ron DeWolf remarkable that there were once about 58 opposite potion shops in Long Beach, yet there aren’t half that many now. He pronounced only a handful have survived as prolonged as Broadway Glass Mirror.

The hermit and sister group pronounced they know their grandparents are smiling down on them as they work together any day. They both pronounced they adore their jobs.

“Seeing us here together, we know it would have finished their hearts good,” Denise DeWolf pronounced about their grandparents.

Broadway Glass Mirror Inc. is located during 2523 E. Broadway. For sum about a business, revisit or call (562) 434 8405.

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