Breaking a Frame: Photo 2.0

November 8, 2016 - photo frame

Courtesy of Jacob Felländer Studios

In a marketplace distended with stills, an augmenting array of photographers are experimenting with sculpture, designation art, and video as choice detailed practices. This materialisation was clear among a organisation of burgeoning artists during the 2016 School of Visual Arts (SVA) Master of Fine Arts Photography, Video, and Related Media Thesis Exhibition, where, in July, a infancy of students opted to benefaction pieces outward of a frame

Hope Antonella Guzzo displayed a array of detailed still lifes—preserved fruit peels, a conduct of hair—while Erin Davis’s iridescent Vitreophobia was identical to a post-internet digi-collages by Joshua Citarella or a neon-noir nightscape by Signe Pierce (or some hybrid of both)—except that it was a mixed-media and video installation, and we could travel into it.

‘xoxo, Darlene,’ Nick Alciati.Courtesy of SVA Galleries

“Students no longer feel as urgently connected to a story of photography,” SVA educator, art historian, and a show’s curator, Bonnie Yochelson, told me. “Fewer and fewer students are display traditional, framed prints in a topic shows, instead experimenting with installation.”

Even a works of Citarella and Pierce have something certainly Web 2.0 about them, as if with a arise of smartphone photography came a detriment of dimensional backward-compatibility and there is no going behind to immobile images, usually dynamic, experiential presentation. Swedish long-exposure photographer Jacob Felländer is also violation giveaway of a frame, pursuing—dare we contend 4D— practical existence versions of once-flat images, that a artist will one day entice viewers to explore.

Courtesy of Jacob Felländer Studios

“The incentive to physicalize or sculpturize photographs comes from a increasingly screen-based knowledge we have with images,” suggested New School associate highbrow of photography Arthur Ou. “Our daily confront with them seems to be some-more and some-more tied to a network, to something emanating from devices, therefore non-material, and intangible.”

Installation View: 2016 SVA MFA Photo, Video, and Related Media Thesis Exhibition. Courtesy of SVA Galleries

As, compared with photography, a other excellent humanities (specifically portrayal and sculpture) authority aloft prices on a art market, “Perhaps a expostulate to extend a sketch into dimensional space comes out of a enterprise for [photographers] to take on a participation and aura of paintings or sculptures.”

2D or not 2D? For photographers today, that is a question.

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