Bluebird flies into "Picture This" tip spot

September 21, 2016 - photo frame

Phil Andraychak of Lilly won a adult multiplication of The Tribune-Democrat’s “Picture This” graduation for a landscapes, inlet and animals difficulty for his print of a bluebird.

The decider commented that a print is easily composed, pointy with a purify background.

“It is glorious with a masculine bluebird nearing with a blueberry in a bill to feed a kids. He available a healthy moment.”

The print was taken off Eger Road in Cresson Township, where Andraychak has a bluebird route of 60 nesting boxes that he monitors once a week.

“There are about dual nestings per box any year,” he said.

He has a 75 percent success ratio of nesting birds, observant that bluebirds use nesting boxes as against to container boxes.

“For that sold photo, we sat for an hour and 20 mins and shot about 350 photos,” Andraychak said. “The male was a usually one feeding that day. we consider a womanlike had died since a masculine kept entrance behind to feed a babies.”

Andraychak has been a freelance photographer for The Tribune-Democrat for dual years. He enjoys holding sports photos, generally hockey. 

Jonathan Eger, 13, of Hooversville, was a winning photographer in a under-18 multiplication for his print of a garter lizard with a slithering tongue.

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Again, a decider chose this print for a “sharp picture and purify background” of a lizard relocating in from a tip of a print frame.  

“We changed a branch and this small lizard was underneath it,” Eger said. His hermit picked adult a lizard initial and handed it to him.

“It was a initial lizard we ever held,” he said. As he was holding a snake, he used his digital SLR camera and snapped a print of it.

All images submitted will be enclosed in a slideshow during

This week’s “Picture This” thesis is family or village events.

Photographers can contention usually one picture by noon Thursday by emailing Winning cinema will be published Sept. 26.

With any entry, a photographer’s name, residence and phone series and some information about a picture contingency be included.

Only entries that accommodate a above mandate will be deliberate for judging and seem in a weekly print gallery.

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