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November 4, 2015 - photo frame

In respect of National Adoption Month, members of a 11Alive News group are opening adult about their possess families and adoption experiences. Rebecca Lindstrom blogs about adopting an comparison child from state custody. 

For confidence reasons we can’t contend most about my son or even uncover we his extraordinary smile.  But we can uncover we mine.  That’s a design we see here.  It’s me hugging a print of my family.

When we write about adoption it’s tough to know where to start.  My work as an inquisitive contributor revolves around facts.  But when it comes to this issue, for me it’s all about emotion.  we can’t speak about a theme (or apparently even write about it) though crying.

November is National Adoption Awareness Month.  Think about a timing of that.  November, a month families accumulate around a list to eat too much.  A time families discuss ‘which’ residence they will gather, not either they will.  It’s a discuss children in inspire caring won’t have.  And for many of a children that age out before anticipating a perpetually family – they never will.

I’ve met some good people who aged out and are vital wonderful, fulfilling, suggestive lives.  But it doesn’t change a fact they are living it though parents.  Aging out means no place to drag your unwashed washing so we can personally ask advice.  No one to travel we down a aisle or harass we for grandkids.  No one lovingly thankful to collect adult a phone when we have a crisis… or even a vital victory.    Friends fill a gap, though relatives are a fast consistent (or during slightest ostensible to be) that support us no matter what.  we have extraordinary parents.  we can’t suppose life though them.  We don’t always have to like any other – given we will always adore any other.

The Lord sanctified me with a transparent heart, ever given we was a teenager, that someday we would adopt an comparison child.  we spent decades listening to people tell me because we shouldn’t.  They told me to during slightest adopt a baby, as if somehow age done us reduction estimable of umbrella love.

But my son was ten when he entered a lives.  My father and we were immediately bearing into a universe of braces, clergyman blogs and pup scouts.  Instead of lessons on a ABC’s we jumped true into a conflict dates of a Civil War and how to do prolonged multiplication though a calculator.

I watch my son onslaught each day to make new friends and determine his new family with a memories of his past.  He has good memories of his biological parents.  we wish him to keep those.  we am not threatened that his memories of them will deteriorate his ability to adore me.   My residence is filled with drawings and records that surveillance me as #1 Mom.  They’re flashy with some-more hearts than we can count.

My son spent scarcely 3 years in state custody, 3 years wondering if he would ever get to pull those pictures.  Three years entirely wakeful that his biological home was not a protected place for him to be.  As his birth mom dabbled with perplexing to assuage DFCS, he done his possess preference not to go back.  Can we suppose being so young, branch your behind on a past, on a customarily family we had ever known?  Can we suppose stepping out in faith, customarily to find yourself year after totally alone?  That’s what happens to 700 children each year in Georgia that waited, desiring someday they would find a perpetually family.

Before we were matched with a son, we attended several adoption events.  Children who wish a perpetually home come to accommodate impending parents.  Organizers do their best to make it infrequent and fun, though everybody knows it’s an audition.  The children generally fervent to find a mom or father do their best to smile, be helpful, and answer questions a approach they consider we want.  Then there are other kids, generally a comparison ones, that have mislaid hope.  They uncover adult to get a day divided from their inspire home, or maybe see a kin placed in another house.  we consider they all wish someone will wish to speak with them, though customarily they hang by themselves, assured they’re too old, it’s too late.

I am so beholden my son is not one of those kids.  He doesn’t have to try-out or infer himself to anyone.  He is desired and will be loved.  He is home.

This month as we accumulate around a table, we would inspire we to remember Nov is some-more than a time to applaud Thanksgiving with your family.  It’s a month to let your heart pain for a children that don’t have one.  Perhaps it’s a month to fill your possess design support with a new face, not to be loved, though to give it unconditionally.

If we have a criticism or doubt about this blog, we can strech out to Rebecca on her Facebook page or Twitter Account (@LindstromNews).

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