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September 5, 2014 - photo frame

Derrick Levasseur might have usually been Head of Household for a few hours on Big Brother 16 last night, though he did still accept a common HoH basket of goodies and equipment from home.

The peculiar thing is, something uncanny seems to have been going on with a print Derrick perceived and it put him on corner to a indicate of promulgation it back. So what happened?

Update: Direct source from Derrick’s family tells me a print has nothing to do with police, a uniform, or anything like that. The print was of Tenley and another family member that Derrick did not wish to have a print of. Derrick’s clandestine story is protected and sound. Fear not, Derrick fans.

Derrick  Cody see a design from home

Derrick Cody see a design from home – Source: CBS

Flashback on your Live Feeds (get a Free Trial now) to 12:07AM BBT 9/5 Cam 4 to find Derrick entering a Storage room to collect his items. There’s a prolonged postponement as he surveys a scene. Caleb calls out to him to move behind his minute and design from home as Cody arrives to take a look.

“Who’s that?” asks Cody immediately on poking his conduct in a room. Derrick doesn’t answer though grabs a basket and minute while withdrawal a design support on a counter. Cody enters, grabs a frame, and takes a closer look. He again asks, “who is that?” and adds “your brother?” this time. “No, no, we actually…” replies Derrick. Cody cuts him off with “Why would we contend that’s your brother?”

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Cody continues to check a print closely. “That’s your daughter with who?” he asks Derrick. Still no response from a still Derrick. Derrick puts a basket behind down and walks out of a room. “Hold on one second. I’m perplexing to consider about something,” says Derrick.

Derrick earnings to a Storage room a impulse after and gives an interesting peek adult to a camera. He turns to Cody. “I roughly wish to, to, um… damn,” says Derrick with a slight smirk. “Not a best design to show,” says Derrick.

Cody lowers his voice and stairs inside a room vouchsafing a doorway tighten behind him. “What do we mean?” he sensitively asks Derrick. There is a distant, blurry perspective of a photo as Cody turns it to Derrick and afterwards Feeds cut to Fish.

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When a Feeds lapse Derrick is revelation a HGs, “I’ll tell you. I’ll explain it to you,” before entering a DR carrying a design support he only received. The rest of a HGs lay around chatting as Cody carries in Derrick’s other snacks and goodies.

Derrick earnings from DR during 12:12AM BBT and confirms when Frankie asks if he’s removing a new picture. Feeds cut behind out again afterwards return. Derrick reads his minute and Victoria asks about a picture. “It only wasn’t a good picture. It wasn’t a good design during all. It wasn’t a plain picture,” he tells her. Caleb offers “it was all blurry?” Derrick takes that and runs with it. “Yeah, it was jacked up.”

I’ve review conjecture that a print suggested something Derrick might have been perplexing to hide, though deliberation all we know is it was a design of someone with Derrick’s daughter that Cody primarily suspicion was Derrick’s hermit that’s unequivocally not most to go on. It was a becloud perspective from too distant divided to get any fact so it’s tough to give too most care to what some folks are suggesting.

I do not consider Derrick’s family would have sent a print of him in uniform nor would Big Brother so weakly jeopardise his diversion (or any Houseguest’s game) by promulgation in a divulgence image.

Big Brother was complicated handed on a symbol when discussions came adult so unless Cody whispers to someone what he saw afterwards we might not know until a diversion is over.

What do we consider was going on? Go behind and watch during 12:07AM BBT final night to see for yourself.

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