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January 19, 2016 - photo frame

Morris Berman's design was published in a Post-Gazette on Aug. 27, 1965. Steelers owners Art Rooney (left) and Berman reason a imitation of a famous picture. This is Pittsburgh Press photographer Don Stetzer's design of Y.A. Tittle.

In 1964, Y.A.Tittle and a New York Giants became losers. “The usually leader was Post-Gazette photographer Morris Berman, whose shot of a battered, bloodied, bald Tittle won inhabitant commend for photography.” Or so reported a Post-Gazette. Berman’s famous picture, shot during a Giants’ 27-24 detriment to a Steelers during Pitt Stadium, indeed set him adult for a win. It brought Berman a prestigious National Headliner endowment for best sports design in 1964.

Our Julia Rendleman wrote about Berman’s photos of a Giants’ quarterback here in “The Digs” on Friday and challenged our readers with a question, “Which of Berman’s photos would we collect for print?”

That impulse of a bloodied Y.A. Tittle on his knees after being tackled by Steelers defensive finish John Baker, as it turns out, was meant to go over Berman’s frames and awards.

Julia’s post started a review on amicable media. A few people didn’t disagree about Berman’s frames, they instead done an regard that a strike Y.A.Tittle endured would have been bootleg today. One chairman on Twitter asked, ” we consternation if Y.A. was in ‘concussion protocol’ after that play?”

Another reader, who identified himself usually as JG, common in a comments thread a story of an astonishing confront involving a famous design during a Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio:

“Started dating my mother in a late 1980s and someday a few years after (can’t remember a accurate year) we motionless a “perfect” date (for me that is) was a outing to a Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton. There hung an huge chronicle of a iconic print of a bloodied Y.A. Tittle.

“As we looked during a print an comparison lady asked if we would like him to take a design in front of a photo. More meddlesome in a design of us, we pronounced okay. After holding a design he went on to tell us he had taken a design of Tittle and gave us some of a story of it.

“It was Morris Berman. we wasn’t prepared to trust him, nonetheless figured there would be no mistreat in vouchsafing him take a design with a camera. However after removing behind home, we immediately looked adult Morris Berman and found cinema that reliable it was indeed him who had been during a Hall of Fame and taken a picture.”

Quite a few readers remarked on a energy of a design and a romantic tone. Gordon Dedman remarkable that a energy of Frame 25 resides in a loneliness of Tittle. “As suggested, it elicits care in a rough, tough sport.”

Brian David wrote on Facebook that he would have used a previous frame of Baker reaching out to Tittle — “It says something about care and respect. But we competence have been wrong. And we was about one month aged during a time, so we can’t unequivocally ‘get’ a context looking during it now. Makes me hunger for a time when this kind of thing mattered. As editors, we had a purpose of saying and conference for a communities, vast and small, and could move concentration to a prophesy those communities had. we consider that multitude is unequivocally blank that viewpoint now.”

David Hunter wrote, “Nothing we have ever seen that was sports associated can review to these photos. If you’re not changed by them, check to see if we have a heartbeat. All-time biggest sports photos? This is it. That’s a list.”

One reader common that he and his father were in assemblage during Pitt Stadium that day — it was, a reader said, his initial Steelers game. Another chairman remembered listening to a diversion on a radio and noted: “Photography was most some-more formidable in a day and movement photos were harder to obtain. we think that is because a editor picked a movement print for a paper even nonetheless a iconic print tells a best story.”

The best story or not, it’s not a usually story.

Another Pittsburgh photographer was station subsequent to Berman that day to declare and constraint a epic impulse of Y.A. Tittle’s end.

And that photographer, Donald J. Stetzer of The Pittsburgh Press, finished adult with a really identical image.

Thanks to Pat Tehan, former co-worker of a Steve Mellon during The Pittsburgh Press who now works during a San Jose Mercury News, we are means to post Stetzer’s design here for serve discussion.

Unlike Berman’s picture, Stetzer’s design — for that he has never perceived most acclaim — is starker in that a credentials is scarcely abandoned of people. It’s cropped as a plane design and is printed in dark, complicated tones. Tittle’s helmet lies on a side, behind a Giant quarterback. As Mellon says, “Here, aging is not merely isolating and unfortunate, it’s a malicious, sinister force. In Berman’s image, aging seems devastating, nonetheless somehow some-more benign. Maybe it’s a people in a background, accidentally sitting along a sideline, their courtesy focused downfield.”

Stetzer’s design prisoner somewhat opposite elegant tones in Tittle’s glance during his evident disaster and his destiny but football, one thing that for so prolonged tangible Tittle.

“I don’t wish to retire,” Tittle would say, anticipating to play football for a Giants in 1965. He felt he could make a comeback. He suspicion he deserved a second chance, generally given he had helped make Allie Sherman a winning manager for 3 seasons before a 1964 disaster.

The Giants suspicion differently.

“Y.A. Tittle never done it to stay in 1965,” a Post-Gazette reported. “Instead, he got a summary that Sherman didn’t wish him. The summary was in a form of no summary during all.” The Giants simply didn’t send Tittle a agreement for a 1965 season.

That was, indeed, a end.

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