Ben Bednarz of Canton earns 4 powerlifting medals in Special Olympics World …

July 29, 2015 - photo frame

Ben Bednarz was impressed as he arrived during a Los Angeles Convention Center progressing this week for a Special Olympics World Games.

The distance of a nation’s second-largest city was a lot to take in for a 27-year-old Canton, Mich. native, though zero could confuse him once he took core theatre during a world’s tip powerlifting competition.

“I didn’t get any nervous, we was so calm,” he said. “I only focused on visualizing a weight and it was awesome. we did good yesterday. It was my initial time here.”

In his World Games debut, Bednarz won bullion in a dais press (72.50 kg) and picked adult 3 silvers in a hunker (97.50 kg), deadlift (145 kg) and total weight for a 3 events (315 kg). Each of his runner-up finishes were behind associate USA representative, Chevi Peters.

When Bednarz is competing, his concentration is unbreakable.

“If we watch him lift, he puts a face on,” pronounced his father, Michael Bednarz. “We sat in a front quarrel Tuesday and he didn’t even notice we were there. He follows a techniques taught to him by his Area 23 coaches.”

Ben has been concerned in powerlifting for about 11 years, dating behind to his early days during Churchill High School. He formerly participated in swimming, cycling and softball by Special Olympics, though switched his concentration to lifting after attending one of his crony Gary’s competitions.

As for because he continues to lift, Ben pronounced it’s fun to uncover how clever he can be. For 10 months out of a year, he’s in a gym twice a week strength building with his teammates.

Ben was primarily deemed an swap lifter for Team USA, though was called adult to contest after one of his teammates couldn’t make a outing to California.

With a powerlifting apportionment of a 2015 World Games complete, he and his teammates will spend a rest of a week entertaining on their associate countrymen, heading adult to Sunday’s 6 p.m. shutting ceremony.

After that, Ben will lapse to Michigan where he’s awaiting his father to find a home for his flourishing raise of medals. His World Games accolades will join a 4 golds he collected during a 2014 USA Games in New Jersey, among others.

“My father is going to find me a tiny support for a medals. we don’t know if it will be a tiny showcase or a large one. If it’s going to be in a design frame, afterwards I’m going to take it to my new unit when we go there.”

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