Basic Photography Tips for Business Owners

March 2, 2016 - photo frame

Ask business owners in today’s universe if they could live though their phone and chances are they’d possibly giggle or contend how absurd your doubt is.

No phone? Are we crazy?

Yes a phone houses e-mails and schedules though it also carries a hardware of unimaginable camera power. Nowadays we don’t even need to lift around a clunkly DSLR in sequence to take professional-looking photographs. All we need is your camera phone and a few giveaway apps (it’s all we use).

If you’re new to holding shots for your business, here are a few tips to get we started.

Use splendid colours.

An bureau drowning in grey has colour somewhere. Find it. Maybe it’s a print support or a charming planter. Maybe it’s your co-worker’s cardigan or scarf. Bright colours make people feel energetic. It awakens exhausted eyes so be certain to implement life’s rainbow to your benefit.

Here is a lovable kitchen timer that needs an additional pop. The yellow backdrop is pleasantness of some gangling element fibbing around my house.


Keep it simple.

If you’re a newbie to photography, it’s easy to tumble into a trap of carrying lots of equipment and movement in a photo.

Sometimes a many absolute shots are ones that let a sole product or use mount on a own. This creates it easy for business to visually sense what they are seeing. Think about how quick we corkscrew when you’re online-your product needs to mount out and be simply identifiable.

Background: My bedroom wall and this feathery indication who doesn’t assign for her time.


Have fun.

Speaking in an intensely grave tinge online can make a voice of your association sound robotic. Whatever your personality, don’t be fearful to uncover that in what we write and what we fire for your online presence.

In general, humour is always good perceived on a internet so have some fun with your photos.

This elementary striking is done with a giveaway online program Canva.


Do not buy ANYTHING in hopes that it will assistance yield a improved photo.

We are all on budgets. As an businessman myself, we get that. If you’re scratching your conduct meditative that zero can make a pleasing photo, don’t fret. You usually haven’t schooled to be quick nonetheless in a photography department.

This splendid immature backdrop is pleasantness of my cosmetic slicing board. FREE.


Next time we need (and substantially should) take a print for your business, consider outward a box and demeanour around for colour and inspiration. Chances are there are tons of giveaway resources during your disposal.

Jessica is a Toronto photographer who usually shoots and edits with her phone. Visit her website here.


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