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July 31, 2015 - photo frame

“Now this is how we toss your hair, toss, toss,” Kara Lindsay showed me.

It’s a signature pierce of Glinda!

“This is a famous burble dress,” she said. “It weighs approximately 40 pounds.”

The Good Witch of Oz is display us her home divided from home.

“This is my family,” Lindsay pronounced as she showed us a print frame. “That’s my mom, my grandma and my sister.”

Kara Lindsay stars as a renouned seductress in Wicked.

“We call it a infinite story of a Witches of Oz,” she said. “It’s fundamentally what happens before Dorothy drops in.”

The musical’s been on Broadway for some-more than a decade; story this singer cherishes.

“These are all a names of people who’ve been in a show,” she pronounced as she showed us a wall full of name plaques. “We call it Shiz University alumni.”

The local New Yorker brought us backstage and spilled some secrets.

“These are a propagandize books and they’re indeed in German, so that we don’t get dreaming on stage,” Lindsay laughed. “This is a hillside stage, that means it goes adult on a mountain so it’s presented to a assembly some-more and looks bigger.”

Now on stage, she showed adult some things a assembly can’t see.

“These are a marks that set pieces come in and out on,” she said. “This [trap door] is what Elphaba comes adult in and also right down in a core of a front of a theatre is another trap.”

There was no yellow section road, though we done it to a Great and Powerful Oz!

“May we have a outrageous new shoe collection, greatfully OZ,” we asked. “Can we have a palace in Hawaii?!” Lindsay added.

But there couldn’t be a story about Oz but a Wicked Witch of a West. So we forsaken in to see what it’s like to turn a immature girl.

Carline Bowman transforms into Elphaba any show. The routine takes about 45 minutes.

“Do we ever get it all off?” we asked. “I meant there’s always ruins of a immature girl,” Bowman laughed. “But we have a lot of secrets, we have creams, face wash, [and] we take a showering each night.”

And it’s totally value it! Getting this purpose was a dream come true.

“What’s unequivocally cool, when we was 16 years aged for my honeyed 16 birthday present, Wicked was my present,” she remembered. “I saw a uncover and was like we wish to do that.”

She changed to New York in 2011 and immediately auditioned to be a understudy.

“I finished adult engagement it, it was flattering dreamy”

Bowman went on to star in Kinky Boots before entrance behind to Oz.

“I unequivocally wanted to finish out my Elphaba tour and play a purpose and dive into it,” she said.

The observant goes, there’s not place like home. And for these Witches of Oz, they’re already here.

You can see Kara Lindsay and Caroline Bowman in Wicked currently personification and a Gershwin Theatre.


Produced by: Kim Pestalozzi

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