Authorities find feign skeletons in underwater grass chairs

May 6, 2015 - photo frame

CIENEGA SPRINGS, Ariz. (AP) — A male snorkeling in a Colorado River nearby a Arizona and California limit was shocked — and after broke — when he came opposite dual feign skeletons sitting in grass chairs about 40 feet underwater.

The male reported a skeletons to a La Paz County Sheriff’s Office on Monday, rising a hunt for what authorities believed could be genuine bodies.

It incited out a skeletons were feign and had been strategically placed to seem as if they were sitting together, their grass chairs firm to vast rocks. A diver from a Buckskin Fire Department prisoner a stage on a video camera trustworthy to his head. The sheriff’s bureau called a stage a tea party.

The skeletons are wearing sunglasses, and one is holding a pointer that includes a difference “Bernie” and “dream in a river,” nonetheless a whole pointer is not legible. The pointer also has a date of Aug. 16, 2014, that is presumably when a skeletons were placed there.

“I don’t consider they were perplexing to set adult anything to shock anyone. we consider they were gonna try to be funny,” Lt. Curtis Bagby said.

The pointer could be a anxiety to a film “Weekend during Bernie’s,” in that a dual categorical characters projection around their passed trainer for days, losing and recuperating his physique several times, Bagby said. At one indicate in a film, Bernie’s remains falls off a vessel and into water.

The sheriff’s bureau won’t launch an review into who left a skeletons there, Bagby said.

“Things happen. We go all a time to fake alarms. That’s only a first-responder’s life. We’re perplexing not to be overly endangered about it, not make too large a understanding out of it,” Bagby said.

Instead, a sheriff’s bureau wants to have a small fun with a situation. Bagby pronounced divers will redeem a skeletons someday this week and that he is deliberation fixation them outward a sheriff’s bureau as a joke.

“We like to uncover some things that are fun, some flightiness too. But in a meantime, don’t consider it’s OK to go put something there,” he said.

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