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March 23, 2017 - photo frame

Every $1 invested in purify H2O yields $4–$12 in mercantile returns. Aura will furnish 500 singular book frames engraved with a prolongation number.  For any singular book support sold, Aura will present $60 to charity: water.  

Aura’s $30,000 in donations will account 3 hand-dug wells giving purify H2O to 3 communities in need.  Each month Aura and charity: H2O will automatically recover a collectable pattern that will be pushed to a frame, assisting to continue a story and keep Aura users connected to a means of purify water.  

Access to purify H2O is an impossibly absolute apparatus for sparking mercantile growth.  When a village gets entrance to purify water, it can change usually about everything; urge health, boost entrance to food, grow internal economies, and assistance kids spend some-more time in school.

Abdur Chowdhury, co-founder of Aura is an fervent believer of charity: H2O not usually due to a significance of a cause, though since Well Members (private donors) cover all handling costs, so 100% of donations can account H2O projects. Everyone during Aura is committed to building a good business and creation certain they do their partial in creation a universe a small better. Aura has also indifferent 1% of their batch for free causes. Aura launched in 2016 and fast became one of a many desired equipment for a holidays, even alighting on Oprah’s Favorite Things. Creating a co-branded support to applaud World Water Day with charity: H2O seemed a ideal approach to give back. 

“It’s been an extraordinary respect to rise a support for charity: water, as it’s an classification that is nearby to my heart,” said Chowdhury. “We wish that not usually do these frames lift most indispensable supports for new wells, though also assistance continue a charity: H2O story in your home. Once a month we will pull a new print taken on-site during a good by charity: H2O to your support and follow adult with an email about because a pattern is important. Just giving we a discerning monthly sign about such an critical means and a good work charity: H2O is doing.”

About Aura

Aura is a intelligent digital pattern support and app that will essentially change a approach photography is experienced. The initial of a kind, Aura merges high-end home pattern with formidable record to yield a zero-effort resolution for displaying and pity a best photos in your smartphone’s camera roll.

About charity: water

Since 2006, charity: H2O has saved scarcely 23,000 H2O projects around a universe to assistance 7 million people get entrance to purify water, hygiene and softened sanitation. charity: H2O works with internal experts and village members to find a best tolerable resolution in any place, either it’s a well, a piped system, a BioSand Filter, or a devise for harvesting rainwater. And with any H2O indicate they fund, their partners coordinate sanitation and hygiene training, and settle a internal Water Committee to assistance keep H2O issuing for years to come.  Since their handling costs are saved by private donors, charity: H2O is means to safeguard 100% of your income can go to account H2O projects.

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