Art and activism hit on Alcatraz Island

April 4, 2015 - photo frame

Alcatraz is one of San Francisco’s many renouned traveller destinations, attracting some-more than 1.3 million visitors each year.  No doubt a good commission of them come to see “The Rock,” a removed former home of scandalous criminals such as Al Capone and George “Machine Gun” Kelly, and a thespian environment for cinematic escapes starring Clint Eastwood and Sean Connery.

But there is some-more to Alcatraz than a sovereign cage it housed for 30 years and a movement cinema it inspired. Before there was a sovereign prison, there was a troops cage that hold responsible objectors.

In 1895, 19 members of a Hopi clan were jailed during Alcatraz for refusing to send their children to supervision boarding schools. After a cage sealed in a 1960s, several dozen Native Americans of several tribes seized a island to move courtesy to a U.S. government’s diagnosis of local people. The function lasted roughly dual years and has been called one of a many successful American Indian criticism actions of a 20th century.

In new and strange works, Chinese artist Ai Weiwei has taken this formidable story and woven it into a site-specific vaunt “@Large,” on perspective on Alcatraz by Apr 26, and presented by a FOR-SITE Foundation. Since a uncover non-stop in late September, it’s estimated that some-more than half-a-million visitors have seen a show.

In a 7 installations strategically placed via a island — including spaces routinely off-limits to tourists — Weiwei invites visitors to consider about tellurian rights and leisure of expression. He puts a face to people detained for their beliefs or affiliations and gives them a voice. By a final installation, he has ensured they are not forgotten.

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