Army Mother Searches For Owner Of Misplaced Photo

April 13, 2017 - photo frame

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IRVING (CBS11) — She went out to a second palm store looking for a design support to put her son’s Army print in, though instead Shandrew Sproles finished adult with what she calls a mislaid treasure.

Now a Irving troops mom wants to lapse it to a correct family.

Both her son and daughter offer in a Army.

Sproles said a integrate of weeks ago, she forsaken into The Treasure Chest preservation store in Allen.

She found a support that she suspicion would have been ideal for her son’s photo, though afterwards satisfied that frame had a print of someone else’s son already in it.

In it was a design of another soldier.

“When we satisfied it was somebody else’s son, it done me unequivocally wish to find him and reunite him with his family,” pronounced Sproles.

Now she is on a goal to get it behind to a infantryman or his family.

“I meant my fear is that he competence have upheld on, though I’m anticipating that he has not. But if he has we know that this print and support would unequivocally move a family comfort,” pronounced Sproles.

The plea is a design did not come with a name, no date and unequivocally no indicate of anxiety to start searching.

It simply shows a infantryman in his uniform sitting in a car with an Old Ironsides patch on his arm.

Sproles is anticipating someone in a DFW area recognizes a design before she goes to a Army for help.

“I know for certain that this got unnoticed somehow,” she said.

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