Arduino Interactive Connected Picture Frame Sends A Text From A Touch

October 7, 2015 - photo frame

Arduino Interactive Connected Picture Frame

If we are looking for an Arduino project to keep we bustling this weekend we might be meddlesome in a new interactive design support that has been combined by Martin Hollywood a artistic technologist.

The impulse behind a interactive design support was taken from wanting to be closer to his family and now when a design is pulpy a Arduino automatically sends a content summary with an suitable message.

Its creator explains a small some-more about a impulse and functionality of his Arduino design support project.

Looking during a sketch of my family that we have on my table one day, we missed them and wanted to be home. we overwhelmed a print and realised that somewhere between those was a virus of a idea…

I wanted my family to know we was meditative of them, though we didn’t wish to emanate dual products; consider GoodNight Lamp – we do adore that project. In any case, there was no pledge they would even notice a ‘blinking’ print support responding to my signal. Making a Receive a PUSH presentation seemed like a no brainer, though a final time we grown for mobile was iOS 1! There are a series of use apps out there: Pusher, Pushingbox though we motionless on Pushover. It had a 7 day hearing duration and good API support (I’ve given bought a license).

For some-more sum on how to emanate your really possess interactive Arduino design support that is able of promulgation mobile content messages to your family and friends burst over to a creator’s blog around a couple below.

Source:  ArduinoMartin Hollywood

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